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Mixer assembly for combustor of a gas turbine engine having a main mixer with improved fuel penetration

A mixer assembly for use in a combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine includes a pilot mixer, a main mixer, and a fuel manifold positioned between the pilot mixer and main mixer. The pilot mixer includes an annular pilot housing having a hollow interior and a pilot fuel nozzle mounted in the housing and adapted for dispensing droplets of fuel to the hollow interior of the pilot housing. The main mixer includes: a main housing surrounding the pilot housing and defining an annular cavity having an upstream end and a downstream end including an upstream wall, an outer wall and an inner wall; a plurality of fuel injection ports for introducing fuel into the cavity, with the fuel injection ports being circumferentially spaced at a designated axial location of the inner wall of the annular cavity; and a swirler arrangement including at least one swirler in flow communication with the annular cavity, the swirler being incorporated into the outer wall of the annular cavity and extending from an upstream end to a downstream end, wherein each swirler of the arrangement has a plurality of vanes for swirling air traveling through such swirler to mix air and the droplets of fuel dispensed by the fuel injection ports. The main housing further includes a first plurality of passages oriented to provide air jets in a substantially axial direction into the annular cavity and a second plurality of passages oriented to provide air jets in a substantially radial direction into the annular cavity
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