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Device for treatments of endoscopic resection/removal of tissues

A device (1) for treatments of endoscopic resection / removal of tissues, includes: a handpiece apt to be held by an user; an external tubular element (3) having a proximal end, a distal end and a cutting aperture disposed at the distal end; an internal tubular element (4) apt to be pivotally housed in the external tubular element (3) and having a proximal end, a distal end and a cutting tip at its distal end. The device also includes guide elements (5) for rotating and / or oscillating the internal tubular element (4) with respect to the external tubular element (3). The guide elements (5) include an electric motor (19) and electric feeding element for the electric motor (19) and are contained completely inside the handpiece (2).

Lens antenna

ActiveCN101699659AEasy to makeEase of mass manufacturingAntennasLoudspeakerDielectric plate
The invention relates to a lens antenna which comprises a metal loudspeaker (4) and a lens (1), wherein the metal loudspeaker (4) is provided with a feed source; the feed source is embedded in the smaller-diameter end of the metal loudspeaker (4), and the lens (1) is embedded in the larger-diameter end of the metal loudspeaker (4); the lens (1) comprises a core plate (2); the core plate (2) is a planar dielectric plate, and one of the planes is provided with a plurality of core-plate disresonance basic units; a core-plate metal square frame (5) is printed in each core-plate disresonance basicunit; and the areas of the core-plate disresonance basic units and the core-plate metal square frames (5) gradually decrease from the center to the edge of the core plate (2). As the core plate (2) is planar, the lens (1) is easy to manufacture. In addition, the lens (1) also comprises matching plates (3) positioned on both sides of the core plate (2). The matching plates (3) can reduce the reflection of the electromagnetic waves on the interface of the lens (1) and the air.

Fuel cell gas management system

A fuel cell gas management system including a cathode humidification system for transferring latent and sensible heat from an exhaust stream to the cathode inlet stream of the fuel cell; an anode humidity retention system for maintaining the total enthalpy of the anode stream exiting the fuel cell equal to the total enthalpy of the anode inlet stream; and a cooling water management system having segregated deionized water and cooling water loops interconnected by means of a brazed plate heat exchanger.

Artificial human limbs and joints employing actuators, springs, and variable-damper elements

Biomimetic Hybrid Actuators employed in biologically-inspired musculoskeletal architectures employ an electric motor for supplying positive energy to and storing negative energy from an artificial joint or limb, as well as elastic elements such as springs, and controllable variable damper components, for passively storing and releasing energy and providing adaptive stiffness to accommodate level ground walking as well as movement on stairs and surfaces having different slopes.

Use of exendins for the reduction of food intake

Methods for treating conditions or disorders which can be alleviated by reducing food intake are disclosed which comprise administration of an effective amount of an exendin or an exendin agonist, alone or in conjunction with other compounds or compositions that affect satiety. The methods are useful for treating conditions or disorders, including obesity, Type II diabetes, eating disorders, and insulin-resistance syndrome. The methods are also useful for lowering the plasma glucose level, lowering the plasma lipid level, reducing the cardiac risk, reducing the appetite, and reducing the weight of subjects. Pharmaceutical compositions for use in the methods of the invention are also disclosed.
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