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Catalysis and micro-electrolysis combined technology for high-concentration refractory organic wastewater

The invention relates to a catalysis and micro-electrolysis combined technology for high-concentration refractory organic wastewater; the organic wastewater is collected to an adjusting tank and enters an air floatation tank for air floatation treatment to remove part of the organic matters after the adjustment of water volume and water quality; the scruff is collected or recovered; the wastewatergoes through Ph adjustment and then enters a catalytic iron-carbon and micro-electrolysis unit to improve the biochemical quality; the effluent goes through Ph adjustment and then enters a sedimentation tank; the effluent of the sedimentation tank adopts anoxic-aerobic biochemistry treatment to remove the organic matters and ammonia nitrogen and then is emitted after reaching the standard; and the filler of the catalytic iron-carbon and micro-electrolysis unit comprises iron, carbon and a catalyst, wherein the mass ratio of the iron, carbon and catalyst is 1: (0.3-1.5): (0.01-0.5). The invention can effectively improve the micro-electrolysis electrochemical reaction efficiency and the degrading capability to the organic matters, and reduce the wastewater treatment cost with convenient technological operation.

Methods and systems for converged networking and storage

A device includes a converged input / output controller that includes a physical target storage media controller, a physical network interface controller and a gateway between the storage media controller and the network interface controller, wherein gateway provides a direct connection for storage traffic and network traffic between the storage media controller and the network interface controller.

Wireless mobile device

A wireless Mobile Executive Assistant (MEA) in the form of a PDA/Phone having multiple, independently oriented screens configured to provide data, video independently or in combined fashion. Formed in the opposing first and second edges adjacent to a body having main display screen formed thereon are first and second slots, respectively, the first and second slots formed to receive first and second, slidingly engaging ancillary display screens. Each of the first and second display screens provide independent video or data information from the MEA, or video or other data transmission via the MEA, and can accordingly be used to conference simultaneously with three independent parties on three separate screens. The first and second screens each slidingly engage from a stored position fully with their respective first and second slots, wherein the screens are not discernable to the observer, and the MEA has the appearance of an ordinary cellular-type phone; alternatively, the first and second screens may emanate so that the phone has a first screen emanating from one side, and a second screen emanating generally from the opposite side of the unit, with the main screen situated therebetween. In addition to independent transmissions, all three screens can be deployed to form a single wide screen transmission.

Prescription filling apparatus implementing a pick and place method

An apparatus for filling vials comprises a shelving unit defining an array of storage locations. The shelving unit may be an array in an XY plane or one or more carousels. A plurality of storage containers are provided, each removably carried by one of the storage locations. A counting and dispensing unit, a source of vials, a label printer and application unit or units, and an output device are also provided. The output device may take a variety of forms such as an output chute, which is preferably used when a capping unit is provided, an output conveyor, a plurality of output lanes, and an output carousel, which may be a dedicated carousel or a portion of the carousel providing the plurality of storage locations. A computer controlled engagement device provides motion in a Z direction. The engagement device may be comprised of a first stage for engaging the storage containers and a second stage for engaging the vials. A computer controlled system carries the engagement device and moves the engagement device in XY directions among the plurality of storage locations, counting and dispensing unit, source of vials, label printer and application unit, and output device. Methods of operating and refilling the vial filling apparatus are also disclosed.

Simultaneously desulfurization and denitration wet ammonia flue gas cleaning technology and system thereof

A wet ammonium flue gas cleaning process for desulfurizing and denitrifying and a system thereof are disclosed. The process oxidates NO in the flue gas to be NO2, makes SO2 and NO2 in the flue gas react with ammonium to product ammonium sulfite, ammonium nitrate and ammonium nitrite, then oxidates ammonium sulfite and ammonium nitrite therein to product the byproduct that is ammiaonia sulfate and ammonium nitrate, and lastly gets the clear flue gas after demisting to the desulfurizing and denitrifying flue gas. The system comprises a dust pre-collector, a hydrogen peroxide or ozone sprayer, and a desulfurizing and denitrifying tower, which are connected in turns, wherein ammonia replenishment system and an air feeding device are mounted at the bottom of the desulfurizing and denitrifying tower, sprinkling layer which can cycle sprinkle is mounted at the middle, and a demister is mounted at the upper. The invention has a simple process, a simplified system, a low investment and operation cost. The invention not only has a high efficiency in desulfurizing and denitrifying, but also a high utilance of desulfurizing and denitrifying absorbent, and byproduct of desulfurization and denitration can be utilized as chemical fertilizer of ammiaonia sulfate and ammonium nitrate.
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