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Microcomputer-controlled AC power switch controller and DC power supply method and apparatus

An AC controller which provides programmable switching of AC power flow, together with producing a source of DC power for operating the AC controller. The AC controller is connected in series with only one side of the AC power source and the AC load. The AC controller utilizes a thyristor for AC power control switching. During the operation, the AC controller steals a small portion of each half-cycle of the AC power to provide DC power to the AC controller. The AC controller enables the flow of AC current by providing a gate current pulse at any predetermined time during the half cycle. Once the thyristor is ON, the AC current flows through the thyristor until the AC cycle is at or near zero. To provide an OFF state, the AC controller does not provide a gate current pulse. The AC controller uses an microcontroller for the programmable capability. The AC controller can be programmed to provide a flashing light function, a time delay off mode, an automatic fade mode, a dimming function, a burglar deterrent function, and a time delay dim function. With a three-position switch which can replace existing types of wall switches, three modes of operation are achieved: ON, OFF, and MODE. The mode position initiates operation of the special function of the controller.

Security control and communication system and method

An integrated security control system and method which integrate the functions of a wireless security system control panel and a radio transceiver in an integrated security control system unit. The integrated control unit includes a first telephone communication system for communicating security system data by wired telephone communications, and a second radio frequency (RF) cellular communication system for communicating security system data by communications through an RF communication network. The cellular communication system is the primary communication network for reporting a security event, thereby leaving the first telephone communication system open for telephone communications during the reporting of a security event. A separate unit of the security system, such as a wireless RF status display or a wireless RF keypad, is provided with a beeper transducer for sounding entry and exit beeps. The separate unit is positioned at a separate location from the integrated security control system unit, such that the entry beeps do not alert an entering person to the location of the integrated security control system unit. When a security event is triggered, the control unit delays activating a security alarm sounder in the control unit until after the second RF communication system has finished transmitting the alarm message.

Road boundary detecting and tracking method

The invention discloses a road boundary detecting and tracking method. The road boundary detecting and tracking method comprises acquiringpolar coordinate data of radar scanning points of the surroundings of an unmanned vehicle through radar scanning, and converting the polar coordinate data into rectangular coordinates; mapping radar points into a polar coordinate grid, and according to the height of extending vertexes in the grid, extracting ground points; extracting road boundary points through the radial distance of the scanning points from a road boundary under the same scanning line as well as the height mutation properties of the neighboring scanning points and by combining with a road extending direction; performing filtering through the random sampling consensus algorithm, fitting the filtered road boundary points through the least square method; performing tracking through a Kalman filter. The road boundary detecting and tracking method can effectively extract road boundaries in an actual scenario when obstacles exist on roads, and by means of the Kalman filter, enhances the boundary detecting accuracy and reliability. The road boundary detecting and tracking method involves no complex computation, thereby being high in practicality and applicable to wide application to unmanned navigation modules.
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