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System and method for on-site point-by-point calibration of brightness and chrominance of the whole screen of LED display screen

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The invention discloses a system and a method for on-site point-by-point calibration of the brightness and chrominance of the whole screen of an LED display screen. The system comprises LED display screen optical parameter acquisition equipment, display screen calibration parameter processing equipment, display screen signal input control and parameter transmission equipment and display screen calibration operation and screen control equipment. The method comprises the following steps: acquiring image data of information on original red, green and blue values of a single point in the lightened part of the LED display screen and values of actual brightness and colors when single colors of red, green, blue and while are displayed; and determining the calibration coefficients of the single point to realize calibration. The method acquires data by in a way of uniformly distributing the luminous points of the display screen in arrays which have the same point number and shape and alternately distributed at equal intervals, thereby avoiding clear horizontal and vertical patterns which use an acquisition area as a unit and are caused by the jump of regional edge calibration data when an original suborigin acquires data and interference among adjacent points caused by reduced pixel pitch and ensuring the calibration effect.

Paperless transaction receipt equipment and system

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The invention relates to the technical field of consumption management and particularly discloses paperless transaction receipt equipment and system. The system comprises a POS (Point Of Sale) machine, a printing monitoring module, a near-field communication module and a user mobile terminal, wherein the printing monitoring module is connected with the POS machine and is used for capturing and processing data output by the POS machine; the near-field communication module is connected with the printing monitoring module in a wired or wireless manner and is used for sending data processed by the printing monitoring module to the user mobile terminal or receiving data from the user mobile terminal, so as to output a paperless transaction receipt. Through adoption of the paperless transaction receipt equipment and system, disclosed by the invention, the output of a consumption voucher of a merchant better accords with a low-carbon, environment-friendly and economical tendency and idea, so that a consumption transaction receipt can be more simply obtained and more reliably stored, the data is more accurate and the application is more smooth; and the consumption management and the reasonable decision making of customers can be realized by virtue of a simple and easily-operated open platform and tool, so that the interactive transaction between the merchant and the customerand between the customers is realized.

Water treatment device based on high-voltage impulse discharge plasmas and high-frequency high-voltage power supply thereof

The invention discloses a water treatment device based on high-voltage impulse discharge plasmas. The device comprises a high-frequency high-voltage power supply, a reactor, a high-voltage electrode, a discharge medium and a ground electrode, wherein the high-frequency high-voltage power supply is connected with the high-voltage electrode; the high-voltage electrode is fixedly arranged in the reactor; the discharge medium is arranged at the bottom of the reactor; the bottom of the discharge medium is provided with the ground electrode; and the ground electrode is grounded. By the device, physical, chemical and microbic pollutants and the like which are contained in the water are effectively removed, the treatment cost is low, and especially, the removal effect on high-concentration organic matters in the water is obvious. When the device is used for treating sewage, a chemical reagent dose not need to be added, the treatment process is simple, no waste and secondary pollution are generated, simultaneously, automatic control is easy to realize, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced while the water treatment efficiency is improved. The invention also discloses a high-frequency high-voltage power supply for the water treatment device based on the high-voltage impulse discharge plasmas.

Energy-saving and environment-friendly type waste water treatment equipment based on recycle mixing principle

The invention provides energy-saving and environment-friendly type waste water treatment equipment based on a recycle mixing principle, and the equipment comprises a shell, wherein a plurality of support legs are fixedly connected with the bottom part of the shell, a rotating shaft is arranged in the internal middle part of the shell, the rotating shaft penetrates through the shell and extends downward, and the bottom end of the rotating shaft is connected with a first driving device; a spiral screw is fixedly arranged on the rotating shaft, a first sleeve is arranged outside the spiral screw in a sleeved mode, a gap is reserved between the bottom end of the first sleeve and the inner bottom part of the shell, the top end of the first sleeve penetrates through the shell and extends upward, and the top end of the first sleeve is connected with a second driving device. The waste water treatment equipment based on the recycle mixing principle has the following beneficial effects: a flocculant can be quantitatively and precisely charged by controlling a third motor, the number of operation workers is reduced by one, and the treatment cost is saved; and the spiral screw, a primary disturbing device and a secondary disturbing device are used for playing a sufficient and effective mixing effect on the waste water and the flocculant, thereby effectively reducing the mixing time and improving the waste water treatment efficiency.

Soft soil area roadbed widening structure and construction method thereof

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The invention belongs to the technical field of roadbed widening and relates to a soft soil area roadbed widening structure and a construction method thereof. The soft soil area roadbed widening structure comprises an old roadbed, a gravel cushion layer, a soft soil stratum and a lower lying supporting layer which are arranged successively from top to bottom and further comprises vertical pile bodies, connecting pieces and reinforced retaining walls. The vertical pile bodies punch through the soft soil stratum and are supported on the lower lying supporting layer; the gravel cushion layer is laid on the tops of the vertical pile bodies; steps are arranged in the position, on a slide slope after substantial slope cutting, of the old roadbed; the slope ratio of the slide slope after slope cutting is (1:0.5)-(1:1); the reinforced retaining walls are arranged on the gravel cushion layer and are buckled with the steps of the slide slope of the old roadbed; and the connecting pieces are placed on the combination parts of the reinforced retaining walls and the old roadbed and are connected with the reinforced retaining walls and the old roadbed correspondingly. The invention provides the roadbed widening structure and the construction method thereof, the occupied area is small, the foundation treatment cost is low, the filler requirement is few, construction efficiency is high, the structure is stable, and the roadbed widening structure and the construction method thereof are especially suitable for roadbed widening engineering in coastal soft soil areas.

Fresh juice vending machine

The invention provides a fresh juice vending machine. The machine consists of a plurality of full-automatic juicing devices, a charging vehicle, a multifunctional counter and a fruit ice ball device, wherein each juicing device comprises a uniform feeding system which takes a juicing device connecting frame as a main structure, a quantitative weighing system consisting of a weight sensor and a processor which are electrically connected in parallel with each other so as to drive two digital displays, a juice outlet pipeline separating system consisting of a juice outlet pipe, a sleeve pipe, a three-way pipe and a juice outlet tap which are sequentially connected with one another, a secondary fruit residue filtering system consisting of a tray residue outlet and a fruit residue collector which are jointed with each other, a juicer filter screen maintenance system formed by taking a juicer movable platform as a main body, a safety detection system consisting of a plurality of photoelectric switches and contact switches which are electrically connected with one another, and a liquid crystal display system. The vending machine allows a customer to see the total producing process in which fresh fruits flow inwards after a primary switch is pressed and 100 percent fresh juice flows into a cup within certain seconds, and the enough weight of the juice in the cup is displayed randomly and digitally.

Production process of reflective thermal attachment film and special production line thereof

The invention relates to a production process of a reflective thermal attachment film. The production process comprises the following steps: firstly coating a composite adhesive on an anti-adhesion film through a composite adhesive coating mechanism and then feeding into a drying tunnel for drying; performing first compounding with a bead implanted film through a rubber roll and a steel roll; performing second compounding on the composite bead implanted film and the adhesive film through a rubber roll and a steel roll; coiling after the two compounding steps to obtain a finished product. According to the production line, automatic feeding of the anti-adhesion film, the composite bead implanted film and the like is realized by using mechanisms such as each bottom roll and guide roll, and continuous automatic machining is realized on the same production line. By using the production process and the production line of the reflective thermal attachment film, firstly the machining process is simplified and the machining cost is effectively reduced, secondly the machining efficiency and the machining quality are also effectively improved while automatic machining is realized and a large amount of cost such as labor cost is saved, and thirdly automatic stripping and recovery of the anti-adhesion film are realized, the recycling is facilitated, a large amount of material cost is saved, and considerable economic profit is brought to manufacturers.
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