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Wireless communication networks for providing remote monitoring of devices

Wireless communication networks for monitoring and controlling a plurality of remote devices are provided. Briefly, one embodiment of a wireless communication network may comprise a plurality of wireless transceivers having unique identifiers. Each of the plurality of wireless transceivers may be configured to receive a sensor data signal from one of the plurality of remote devices and transmit an original data message using a predefined wireless communication protocol. The original data message may comprise the corresponding unique identifier and sensor data signal. Each of the plurality of wireless transceivers may be configured to receive the original data message transmitted by one of the other wireless transceivers and transmit a repeated data message using the predefined communication protocol. The repeated data message may include the sensor data signal and the corresponding unique identifier. Furthermore, at least one of the plurality of wireless transceivers may be further configured to provide the original data messages and the repeated data messages to a site controller connected to a wide area network. The site controller may be configured to manage communications between the wireless communication network and a host computer connected to the wide area network.

Method and apparatus for preparing client communications involving financial products and services

A method and apparatus are provided for automatically preparing a client communication pertaining to a financial product for a client, wherein the client communication is for combined use with a corresponding host vehicle. The method comprises providing a format for the client communication wherein the communication format includes a variable portion; inputting into a computer-accessible storage medium variable information other than a client identification; inputting into the storage medium decision information; and using the decision information to select a subset of the variable information for inclusion in a variable portion of the client communication corresponding to the variable portion of the client communication format. The apparatus comprises an inputting device for inputting into a computer-accessible storage medium variable information comprising other than a client identification and decision information; a processor operatively coupled to the storage medium for using the decision information to automatically select a subset of the variable information for each of the clients; and an output preparing component in operative communication with the processor for preparing the client communications and for automatically inserting into the client communication the subset of variable information for the corresponding and respective client.

Method and system for data backup

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to Web-Services-based data backup and data-archiving applications that provide remote data backup and data archiving to private individuals, small businesses, and other organizations that need reliable, secure, geographically remote, and cost-effective data backup, data archiving, and backed-up and archived-data retrieval. In one embodiment of the present invention, a private or small-business client contracts with a service provider for data-backup and data-archiving services. The service provider, in turn, contracts with a remote data-storage facility to provide secure, reliable data backup and data archiving to the personal or small-business client. A client-side application is downloaded to the client computer and configured to allow the client to store locally encrypted data at the remote, data-storage facilities. Neither the service provider nor the data-storage facility can decrypt or otherwise access the information stored by the client. In addition, the encryption key or encryption keys used by the client to encrypt the data for remote storage are securely stored at the remote, data-storage facility for subsequent recovery by the client, should the client suffer damage or loss to a local computer system. However, the client encryption key is stored in a doubly encrypted fashion, preventing access to the client's encryption key by either the service provider or the data-storage facility. Certain embodiments of the present invention also provide local indexing for remotely stored, encrypted data and efficient storage of updates to already remotely stored data.

Generating cad independent interactive physical description remodeling, building construction plan database profile

A method for generating an interactive profile of a structure, such as a building, employing an interactive profile system that preferably utilizes an Internet web browser to interface with a user. The interactive profile system includes an application engine embodied in a computer program that is preferably based within a server. A plan set, usually in a CAD format, is received into the interactive profile system, typically submitted by the user or client. The building can be any structure, such as a home, office or warehouse, and can also include the property that the structure occupies. The plan set is converted to a profile data set by the profiling engine. In compliance with an enhanced data protocol, which is a specific format for organizing the profile data set in a standardized array. The profiling engine parses, or extracts, the profile data set to develop and link a plurality of potentially interrelated building. The profiling engine performs a systematic enhancement of the plan set, building upon the elemental physical descriptions of the plan set. Each element of the physical description is functionally analyzed for relational attributes and then expanded and tagged. The user directs a profile query to the application engine of the interactive profile system. The profile query is relatable to the enhanced profile and more specifically relatable to at least one of the plurality of interrelated elements of the building. Typical profile requests can include proposed or actual changes to the building, requests for material listings, and project assessments.

Method and system for providing site independent real-time multimedia transport over packet-switched networks

Embodiments of the invention enable minimum latency site independent real-time video transport over packet switched networks. Some examples of real-time video transport are video conferencing and real-time or live video streaming. In one embodiment of the invention, a network node transmits live or real-tine audio and video signals, encapsulated as Internet Protocol (IP) data packets, to one or more nodes on the Internet or other IP network. One embodiment of the invention enables a user to move to different nodes or move nodes to different locations thereby providing site independence. Site independence is achieved by measuring and accounting for the jitter and delay between a transmitter and receiver based on the particular path between the transmitter and receiver independent of site location. The transmitter inserts timestamps and sequence numbers into packets and then transmits them. A receiver uses these timestamps to recover the transmitter's clock. The receiver stores the packets in a buffer that orders them by sequence number. The packets stay in the buffer for a fixed latency to compensate for possible network jitter and/or packet reordering. The combination of timestamp packet-processing, remote clock recovery and synchronization, fixed-latency receiver buffering, and error correction mechanisms help to preserve the quality of the received video, despite the significant network impairments generally encountered throughout the Internet and wireless networks.
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