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Portable excercise assembly

A portable exercise assembly structured to facilitate the performance of multiple exercises by a user, thereon and including a base and/or a mounting assembly either of which are capable of being selectively positioned between an operative position and a stored position and, when in the stored position are capable of being easily hand carried, with other associated components of the exercise assembly. When in the operative position, the base comprises a plurality of segments disposed in an end-to-end, elongated orientation. A resistance assembly comprising a plurality of resistance elements, preferably formed of an elastic material is connected to the base and/or to the mounting assembly as well as to a gripping assembly which is either attachable to various portions of the user's body or may be at least partially gripped by the user, such that the user exerts a force thereon so as to position the plurality of elastic elements between a stressed position and a non-stressed position, thereby exerting a variable range of forces on muscle group which are intended to be exercise. The gripping assembly includes one or more gripping bars having one or more cushions mounted thereon each having a retaining member, which comfortably and removably retains engagement with various portions of the user's body while the user selectively extends or retracts the plurality resistance elements.
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