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Wall-mounted home fitness training equipment

An overall fitness trainer and can be a wall mounted unit that can utilize clip resistance bands as well as other techniques. These bands generally clip on the unit and onto different handles, bars and attachments to perform exercises. The unit can have a removable/adjustable pull up bar, dip bar and seat. It also includes a spring loaded, pull pin carriage that moves freely up and down a vertical spine. This allows for easy adjustment of the carriage and allows the user to attach the bands at multiple angles, widths and levels. This in turn increases the number of exercises the user can perform on the unit. The unit also typically has an o ring that attaches through the arm of the pull up attachment as well as a ½ O-ring at the bottom of the unit again increasing the number of exercises the user can perform. The unit can be attached to the wall with lag bolts into two or more studs. Some embodiments of the invention have an adjustable swivel foot that takes the stress off of the lag bolts and also adds to the overall load capacity of the unit. The apparatus typically has an optional telescoping central vertical spine that splits in two pieces to make the unit easier to ship. The central vertical spine allows attachments to be added and removed using spring loaded pins or plunger pins. Various embodiments of the invention can have an oscillating and telescopic bench, a dip bar, a seat, a knee stabilizer and a foot rest. All of these accessories can be attached and removed to the central spine adding to the versatility and scope of exercises that can be performed.
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