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Closed automatic detection device for blood rheology measurement

InactiveCN101603968AAvoids problems that do not require separation from the lidSolve problems that do not require separation from the lidWithdrawing sample devicesUsing optical meansMeasurement deviceAir pump
The invention discloses a closed automatic detection device for blood rheology measurement, which comprises a test tube stand splint, a bar code scanner, a test tube stand moving device, an automatic blood sample transfer device of a test tube stand position monitor, a sampling measurement system comprising a sampling/measuring needle assembly, a needle insertion driving device, a quantitative sampling controller, an upper sphere, a heating module, a washing device and a work station conversion driving device, a blending device comprising an elastic clamping device, an elastic clamping device autorotation driving motor, an up-down moving device and a horizontal moving device, an air pump, a singlechip and the like. The device can ensure that the blood rheology measurement realizes the automatic transfer of a blood sample, automatic reversal of the blending device of the blood sample, automatic quantitative sampling, automatic measurement of the blood sample, automatic washing of a measurement device, and automatic recognition and recording under the condition of not opening a cover, realize the automatic measurement of blood viscosity under the full-closed state, can avoid the cross contamination, can also alleviate the labor intensity of the staff, improve measurement effect, and can also shorten measurement time.

Sit down and stand up walker with seat assembly

ActiveUS8151812B2Loss of balanceEfficiently enableWalking sticksOperating chairsHand heldFull weight bearing
A sit down and stand up walker for assisting a user during walking and when not walking in a standing, partially standing or sitting positions with partial or full weight bearing support and with means to change from standing, partially standing to sitting positions with partial weight bearing support to a fixed elevation with full weight bearing support in any varied or repeated sequence. The partial or full weight bearing means supports a seat assembly which includes a seat and front body support with adjustable positioning to provide pelvic stability. The angle of the seat assembly relative to a flat ground surface is maintained at any elevation of the seat assembly between a standing and sitting position. The weight bearing means is responsive to the variable force supplied by the user as the user walks, stands or sits allowing the seat assembly to move up or down. The weight bearing means in a preferred embodiment is an enclosed gas spring cylinder with piston rod that can be locked at differing elevations or released to respond to a user's body force as the user walks, stands or sits. The walker is intended to be moved without the user's hands holding onto the frame thereby promoting a normal gait and posture. The walker enables the user to expend less energy as the body's center of gravity with partial or full weight bearing support rises and falls with each stride. The walker facilitates transfers from a sitting to standing positions and vice versa by the user independently without the intervention of caregivers.

Position securing system for restraining an occupant in land and aeronautical vehicles

ActiveUS7481399B2Prevent the harmful film spool effectEasy to slideSupports/holding devicesSafety beltsAviationLocking mechanism
A position securing system for restraining an occupant in a vehicle includes a harness placed about an occupant's body and including a two-part lap belt defining two lap belt straps, two leg loops, a rear belt, two shoulder belts, a back belt, and a belly-side center buckle. Anchored to the vehicle and interacting with the lap belt straps are a plurality of retractors connectable to the vehicle and interacting with the shoulder belts and the belt straps of the lap belt in one-to-one correspondence, wherein at least the retractors interacting with the lap belt straps are each constructed to include a winding drum for winding in a reel-in direction a traction member which is integrated in the lap belt strap, with the winding drum loaded by a spring in the reel-in direction. Rotation of the winding drum at least in a pay-out direction of the traction member is automatically blocked by a locking mechanism, when the occupant assumes the seated position. The blocked position of the winding drum can be released via a hand-operated control mechanism so that the occupant is able to move between seated and standing positions. A pay-out lock is operatively connected to the winding drum and constructed to act upon the winding drum in response to a sensed acceleration of the occupant, wherein the winding drum so interacts with the control mechanism and the pay-out lock as to be either securable in place by the control mechanism or acted upon by the pay-out lock, when the occupant assumes the standing position.
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