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Air suspension and electronically controlled suspension system

InactiveUS20060219503A1Rapidly and efficiently stabilize movement of vehiclePipe supportsSpringsDriver/operatorControl signal
The present invention relates to an air suspension and an electronically controlled suspension system. An electronically controlled suspension system of the present invention comprises an air suspension including a volume expander connected to a pressure acting volume of an air spring to expand the pressure acting volume, and a volume control valve for opening or closing the connection between the pressure acting volume and the volume expander; a mode-changing switch for applying a mode-setting key signal according to a driver's button operation; an electronic control unit for outputting a valve control signal for use in exhibiting a suspension characteristic of the vehicle in response to the mode-setting key signal from the mode-changing switch; and an air spring volume adjustor for controlling a spring rate of the air spring through adjustment of the pressure acting volume of the air spring by opening or closing the volume control valve in response to the valve control signal from the electronic control valve, thereby forcibly setting the suspension characteristic of the vehicle. The present invention is to control a spring rate of an air spring employed in an air suspension to a range of damping force characteristics of a relevant mode by selectively controlling a pressure acting volume of the air spring using a fast response valve in response to a signal corresponding to a driver's mode-changing operation. Thus, during sudden braking, rapid acceleration or cornering, a driver can conveniently change characteristics of a vehicle mounted with the air suspension by operating a button within the vehicle, resulting in maximization of consumers' satisfaction.
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