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A surface plate is a solid, flat plate used as the main horizontal reference plane for precision inspection, marking out (layout), and tooling setup. The surface plate is often used as the baseline for all measurements to a workpiece, therefore one primary surface is finished extremely flat with tolerances below 11.5 μm or 0.0115 mm per 2960 mm for a grade 0 plate. Surface plates are a common tool in the manufacturing industry and are often permanently attached to robotic-type inspection devices such as a coordinate-measuring machine. Plates are typically square or rectangular.

Protected substrate structure for a field emission display device

A protected faceplate structure of a field emission display device is disclosed in one embodiment. Specifically, in one embodiment, the present invention recites a faceplate of a field emission display device wherein the faceplate of the field emission display device is adapted to have phosphor containing areas disposed above one side thereof. The present embodiment is further comprised of a barrier layer which is disposed over the one side of said faceplate which is adapted to have phosphor containing areas disposed thereabove. The barrier layer of the present embodiment is adapted to prevent degradation of the faceplate. Specifically, the barrier layer of the present embodiment is adapted to prevent degradation of the faceplate due to electron bombardment by electrons directed towards the phosphor containing areas.

Flooring panel

Flooring panel with two connection members whose sides face each other for attachment to other flooring panels of the same type. A first connection member has an upper projection, a lower projection, and groove between them. A second connecting member features a tongue for insertion in the groove of an adjacent connection member. In order to achieve good assembly as well as economical production of the panels, provision is made for a lower protuberance, lower indentation, lower auxiliary protuberance, and lower auxiliary indentation on the lower projection of the first connection member. The profile thus created is fitted to a corresponding profile on the lower side of the tongue which has an upper indentation, an upper protuberance, an upper auxiliary indentation, and an upper auxiliary protuberance.
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