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Panel and fastening system for such a panel

The invention relates to a fastening system (1) for rectangular, tabular panels (2, 3, 10), especially floor panels. Comprising retaining profiles disposed on the small faces of said panels (2, 3, 10). Opposite retaining profiles match said retaining profiles in such a manner that similar panels (2, 3, 10) can be interlinked. The panels are provided with opposite first retaining profiles that are configured in such a manner that on a panel (2, 3, 10) being in first line a new panel (2) can be locked in second line by attaching the new panel (2) to the installed panel (3) at a temporary angle relative to the installed panel (3) and then swiveling it down into the plane of the installed panel (3). The panel further comprises opposite second retaining elements that comprise corresponding hook elements (6, 7). A hook connection (8) can be established by means of one of the hook elements (6, 7) of the new panel (2) and a hook element (6, 7) of a panel (3) that is already installed in second line by swiveling down the new panel (2). Every hook connection (8) is associated with an additional locking element (13, 22, 26, 27, 34, 35, 36, 40, 46) that prevents, in the hooked state of two panels (2, 3, 10), the hook connection (8) from being released in a direction perpendicular to the plane of the installed panels (2, 3 10).

Polyolefin wood fiber composite

An improved composite structural member comprising a complex profile structural member, made of a composite comprising a polypropylene polymer and a wood fiber. The material is useful in conventional construction applications. The complex profile, in the form of an extruded thermoplastic composite member can be used in residential and commercial structures as described. Preferably, the structural member is used in the manufacture of the fenestration components such as windows and doors. Such linear members are designed with specifically configured cross-sectional shapes to form structural elements in the fenestration units. Structural elements must possess sufficient strength, thermal stability and weatherability to permit the manufacture of a structurally sound window unit that can be easily installed into a rough opening but can maintain its attractive appearance and structural integrity over the life of the window unit often twenty years or more. The structural member comprises a hollow complex cross-section with at least one structural web or one fastener web formed within the component. The exterior of the extruded component has a visible capstock layer and is shaped and adapted for installation in rough openings. The exterior also contains shape and components capable of supporting the elements of the fenestration unit such as a window, sash or movable door unit. The improved polypropylene structural members have unique advantages and can be assembled in thermoplastic weld processes.
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