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Partially patterned lead frames and methods of making and using the same in semiconductor packaging

A method of making a lead frame and a partially patterned lead frame package with near-chip scale packaging (CSP) lead-counts is disclosed, wherein the method lends itself to better automation of the manufacturing line as well as to improving the quality and reliability of the packages produced therefrom. This is accomplished by performing a major portion of the manufacturing process steps with a partially patterned strip of metal formed into a web-like lead frame on one side, in contrast with the conventional fully etched stencil-like lead frames, so that the web-like lead frame, which is solid and flat on the other side is also rigid mechanically and robust thermally to perform without distortion or deformation during the chip-attach and wire bond processes. The bottom side of the metal lead frame is patterned to isolate the chip-pad and the wire bond contacts only after the front side, including the chip and wires, is hermetically sealed with an encapsulant. The resultant package being electrically isolated enables strip testing and reliable singulation without having to cut into any additional metal. The use of the instant partially patterned lead frame in making ELP, ELPF and ELGA-type CSPs is also disclosed.

Multi-component oxidation micro-electrolytic filler and preparation method thereof

The invention belongs to the technical field of environmental engineering wastewater treatment, and particularly relates to multi-component oxidized micro-electrolysis filler and a preparation method thereof. The multi-component oxidized micro-electrolysis filler is mainly prepared from the following components in percentage by mass: 50-60% of iron, 20-30% of activated carbon, 12-15% of adhesive and 3-5% of catalyst through mixing, wherein iron is iron scrap or iron powder with particle size not more than 80 mesh; and activated carbon is in a powder and has particle size not more than 100 mesh. The preparation method of the multi-component oxidized micro-electrolysis filler comprises uniformly mixing iron, activated carbon, the adhesive and the catalyst according to the ratio, adding water, stirring and aging, then carrying out extrusion molding to obtain molded filler, demolding to obtain a filler blank, after naturally drying, drying, sintering in the absence of air, and cooling thefiller blank to obtain the multi-component oxidized electrolysis filler. According to the invention, the hardening, dead pool, stoppage and other practical problems existing in the use of the traditional micro-electrolysis fillers are solved.

Liquid crystal display substrate and method for manufacturing the same, liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal display

ActiveCN102262319AAvoid separationReduce the effect of symmetryNon-linear opticsLiquid-crystal displayEngineering
The invention discloses a liquid crystal display substrate and a manufacturing method thereof, a liquid crystal display panel and a liquid crystal display, wherein the liquid crystal display substrate comprises an underlayment substrate and a film layer formed on the underlayment substrate; a box sealing glue groove is formed on the film layer in an edge region of the liquid crystal display substrate; and the box sealing glue groove is used for containing box sealing glue. The embodiment of the invention further provides a liquid crystal display panel, comprising an array substrate and a colour film substrate which are arranged in a folding way, wherein a liquid crystal layer is filled between the array substrate and the colour film substrate; the box sealing glue is filled in an edge region of the liquid crystal display panel; and at least one of the colour film substrate and the array substrate is adopted with the liquid crystal display substrate. The invention further provides a liquid crystal display. The liquid crystal display substrate and the liquid crystal display panel are capable of limiting the box sealing glue in a fixed region so as to effectively prevent the internal part of the box sealing glue from easily separating out ionic impurities, reduce the influence to the symmetrical characteristic of an alternating current power supply in an impurity gathering region and improve the product quality.
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