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Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) is a networking protocol, operating on port 1812 that provides centralized Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA or Triple A) management for users who connect and use a network service. RADIUS was developed by Livingston Enterprises, Inc. in 1991 as an access server authentication and accounting protocol and later brought into the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards.

System and method for automatic generation of search results based on local intention

A system and related techniques automatically analyze Web search and other activity, to generate locality-selected results based on not just the user's location, but also the business or other content provider's location and the degree of local intent in the user's query. The locality or region to the user may be identified, for instance, by the presence of geographic clues or indicators in the general content of the Web site, for instance, the presence of ZIP codes, telephone numbers, town names or other semantic or other indicators which have some geographic connotation in search terms, key words or other query or semantic inputs. The user's degree of local intent may be automatically analyzed as well, for instance by the presence of terms such as “car repair” or “pizza restaurant” which may suggest the user intends to locate local goods, services or providers. The search service may then access a content database to identify ads or other media or content which match or correspond to the detected locality or region, such as ads for local restaurants, car dealerships, physicians or other services or products, and which correspond in location, working radius and degree of localness to the user's query. Because the delivery of localized search results according to the invention is specifically filtered for user-driven local intent, advertisements and other media or content may be delivered which better match the user's search objectives.

Radius-based mobile internet protocol (IP) address-to-mobile identification number mapping for wireless communication

A method of finding a mobile wireless communications device when an Internet Protocol (IP) packet from a remote user is sent to the device over an IP network. The mobile device does not have to register with the IP network in order to receive the IP. The method comprises the steps of receiving the IP packet at a home agent associated with a wireless communications network. The IP packet includes an IP address assigned to the device. If there is no current mobility binding record for the mobile device, instead of dropping the packet the home agent sends an access-request packet, containing the IP address, to an authentication server. The authentication server, e.g., a RADIUS server, maintains a table mapping the IP address for the device to an identification number uniquely associated with the device, such as the device's International Mobile Subscriber Identity number. The authentication server sends an access-accept packet to the home agent in the event that the device is authorized to receive the IP packet, in which case the access-accept packet includes the identification information. The home agent uses the identification number to locate, page and automatically connect the wireless device to the IP network via an InterWorking Unit (IWU) configured as a IP network access server.

Graphene and carbon nanotube mixed enhanced metal-matrix composite material and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a graphene and carbon nanotube mixed enhanced metal-matrix composite material and a preparation method thereof. The graphene and carbon nanotube mixed enhanced metal-matrix composite material is characterized in that graphene and a carbon nanotube are mutually connected to constitute an enhanced network in a metal matrix, wherein the graphene is few-layer graphene with 10 layers or less, the radius-thickness ratio of the graphene is larger than 200, and the volume fraction of the graphene is 0.1-1%; and the carbon nanotube is a single-wall, double-wall or multi-wall carbon nanotube, the length-diameter ratio of the carbon nanotube is larger than 20, and the volume fraction of the carbon nanotube is 0.5-5%. Compared with the composite material enhanced only by the carbon nanotube, the graphene and carbon nanotube mixed enhanced metal-matrix composite material disclosed by the invention not only has greatly improved mechanical properties, but also has more excellent electric conduction and heat conduction properties, and is a multi-purpose structure and function integrated material. In addition, the preparation method provided by the invention based on slurry blending and graphene oxide reduction is simple and efficient and is easy for large-scale production.

Split type 360° fish pond automatic feeding machine

The invention belongs to the technical field of aquaculture machinery, in particular to a split 360-degree automatic dried diet feeder for a fishpond. In the split 360-degree automatic dried diet feeder, a conveying mechanism is arranged between a feeding mechanism and a throwing mechanism; the upper part of a hopper of the feeding mechanism is connected with a feed bin, and the lower part of thehopper is connected with a feeder; in the throwing mechanism, the upper part of a throwing disk is provided with a feeding hole, and the lower part of the throwing disk is provided with a throwing disk rotating shaft, and the rotating shaft is driven by a power device or a throwing motor; in the conveying mechanism, a discharging hole is downwardly formed at one end of a conveying pipe which is arranged transversely, the other end of the conveying pipe is provided with a feeding hole; the feeding hole of the conveying mechanism is connected with the discharging hole of the feeding mechanism; a bearing is arranged between the discharging hole of the conveying mechanism and the feeding hole of the throwing mechanism; and throwing disk rotates relative to the conveying mechanism. The split 360-degree automatic dried diet feeder has the advantages that: the feeding mechanism is arranged on a bank, the throwing mechanism is arranged in the pond, the conveying mechanism is used for feeding,a feed is thrown to the water surface at 360 degrees, and the throwing radius can be adjusted; and the automatic dried diet feeder is suitable for automatic feeding of fishpond feeds of various sizesin the fishery industry.

Method and apparatus for waypoint services navigational system

A Waypoint Services Navigational System (WSNS) is disclosed comprising a mobile unit connected to a server and to a database by the Internet. The WSNS uses omnipresent digital cellular links or any other form of radio frequency communications for transmission of information by a registered services provider to a traveler with a WSNS mobile unit. Using WSNS, the registered service provider announces its presence along with specific services/products to a traveler with a WSNS mobile unit within a predefined geographic radius. This information may be viewed via a conventional mobile computer, a personal digital assistant screen, or through a Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping longitude/latitude device. The WSNS mobile unit may be portable or mounted in a vehicle in a convenient location. Specific directions to a selected services provider are provided based upon the proximity positioning information at that moment in-time when the information is requested. Advertising specials, competitive services/products, entertainment, or emergency services may all be broadcast, and the user may choose from menus for the nature of services desired. Information may be provided regarding “upcoming” service providers through a combination of user geographical location, user directional data, and overlay maps showing registered businesses. Products or services may be ordered through a WSNS online order system for placing credit-or account backed purchases using the WSNS combination of locational information and business registration. WSNS service may also be provided through conventional internet-only communications, downloadable into a GPS-attached mobile computer to alleviate the need for a cellular link to the car.
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