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In computer networking, multicast is group communication where data transmission is addressed to a group of destination computers simultaneously. Multicast can be one-to-many or many-to-many distribution. Multicast should not be confused with physical layer point-to-multipoint communication.

System and method for synchronizing streaming content with enhancing content using pre-announced triggers

A client-server architecture synchronizes streaming content with enhancing content via pre-announced triggers. The architecture includes server-based components to generate announcements containing information specifying how and when to receive upcoming triggers that will be transmitted at a later time. The server transmits the announcements to a general broadcast or multicast IP address. Client-based components monitor the IP address to receive and filter the announcements. Selected announcements are stored in a guide database in correlation with the streaming content programs to indicate that the programs are interactive. When a user tunes to an interactive program, the client opens a container HTML page that contains controls to receive the streaming content program and to extract the announcements from the guide database. The latter control monitors the IP address at the times specified in the selected announcements to receive the triggers corresponding to the interactive program. The server delivers the triggers at times synchronized to the streaming content. When triggers arrive, the client control processes the triggers to coordinate presentation of the enhancing content with the streaming content program. The triggers may further be used to carry items that fill a ticker being displayed with the program.

Fault tolerant multicast ATM switch fabric, scalable speed and port expansion configurations

A fault tolerant multicast ATM switch fabric is constructed as a multistage interconnection network through which cells move from input to output along a pre-established data path. The control phase proceeds concurrently with the data phase by which cells move continuously without idle clock cycles in between. The control logic resolves the state of the switching elements and sends this state information to the data path logic ahead of the cell transfer. The switch consists of three IC designs: control, data path, and switch port controller ICs. The successful realization of the switch relies critically on the design of the control IC which incorporates a new combinatorial hardware design running a dedicated algorithm. A switch port controller delegates, based on local decisions, the replication and routing of multicast cells to a selected group of switch port controllers on a per call basis, thereby supporting any multicast group in a unified manner. The ATM cell switch fabric includes a protection control IC for providing a 1+1 protection and a protection data path IC for providing a 1:m protection. A large scale cell switch fabric is constructed in which a first stage switch distributes its incoming traffic, destined for the same output switch and on a per call basis, evenly over multiple routing switches in a 2-stage or higher configuration. A higher switching speed is achieved in which a source switch port controller distributes its incoming traffic, on a per call basis, evenly over multiple cell switches.
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