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Internet traffic is the flow of data within the entire Internet, or in certain network links of its constituent networks. Common measurements of traffic are total volume, in units of multiples of the byte, or as transmission rates in bytes per certain time units.

Runtime adaptable search processor

ActiveUS20060136570A1Reduce stacking processImproving host CPU performanceWeb data indexingMultiple digital computer combinationsData packInternal memory
A runtime adaptable search processor is disclosed. The search processor provides high speed content search capability to meet the performance need of network line rates growing to 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps and higher. he search processor provides a unique combination of NFA and DFA based search engines that can process incoming data in parallel to perform the search against the specific rules programmed in the search engines. The processor architecture also provides capabilities to transport and process Internet Protocol (IP) packets from Layer 2 through transport protocol layer and may also provide packet inspection through Layer 7. Further, a runtime adaptable processor is coupled to the protocol processing hardware and may be dynamically adapted to perform hardware tasks as per the needs of the network traffic being sent or received and/or the policies programmed or services or applications being supported. A set of engines may perform pass-through packet classification, policy processing and/or security processing enabling packet streaming through the architecture at nearly the full line rate. A high performance content search and rules processing security processor is disclosed which may be used for application layer and network layer security. scheduler schedules packets to packet processors for processing. An internal memory or local session database cache stores a session information database for a certain number of active sessions. The session information that is not in the internal memory is stored and retrieved to/from an additional memory. An application running on an initiator or target can in certain instantiations register a region of memory, which is made available to its peer(s) for access directly without substantial host intervention through RDMA data transfer. A security system is also disclosed that enables a new way of implementing security capabilities inside enterprise networks in a distributed manner using a protocol processing hardware with appropriate security features.

System and method for event subscriptions for CORBA gateway

A CORBA Gateway between CORBA-based applications and an enterprise manager may be configurable to manage various networked objects, such as printers, scanners, copiers, telephone systems, cell phones, phone systems, faxes, routers, switches, etc., which may be interconnected via networks. Various embodiments of the CORBA Gateway may include an Event Gateway which manages object events. The CORBA Event Gateway is designed to leverage existing Event Distribution Server (EDS) sinks to provide EDS filtering functionality and EDS object level access control functionality. The approach leverages existing EDS solutions by providing a common sink for all events/notifications and using a unique Event Port Registry to manage the subscriptions of various TMN clients that subscribe for such events/notifications. Generally, the approach described provides the capability to filter events according to criteria presented by client event subscriptions. In one embodiment, the events may be filtered to enforce policy-based access control on TMN events/notifications, determining which CORBA client applications have access to which events. The filtering of events at the sink based upon client subscriptions decreases unnecessary network traffic in that events may be “pushed” to the client, rather than delivered upon client request. In addition, the approach may provide easy-to-use IDL APIs that allow CORBA clients to directly subscribe/unsubscribe to events based on criteria such as object class, object instance, and event type.
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