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Realtime, interactive and geographically defined computerized personal matching systems and methods

A system and method of interactive and live computerized matching in which a first user is provided with a personal data device including a wireless communication system. A secure network is configured to include a server programmed with a personal characteristic database and a database searching algorithm, and a wireless communication system at a specific geographic location that is capable of communicating with the user's personal data device. The first user is allowed to log on through the wireless communication system to the secure network using his or her personal data device, and communicates to and stores in the database personal data defining his or her characteristics and those for his or her ideal match. Either the secure network automatically identifies the first users precise geographic location, or the user himself otherwise indicates and stores in the database of the network an identifying address that indicates his current specific geographic location. The user then instructs the database searching algorithm to search for and identify other users similarly logged on to the network at the same specific geographic location. The user is able to initiate a search of the database for possible matches within the pool of other users also logged on to the network at the same specific geographic location. The secure network then indicates to the first user the results of the search.

System and method of user authentication for network communication through a policy agent

A policy agent of a network performs an out-of-band user authentication process to verify the identity of a user of a client computer and associates the network data received from the client computer with the user. When the client computer initiates a network data connection to or through the policy agent, the policy agent sends an encrypted challenge to the client computer. The challenge is encrypted with a private key of the policy agent. When the client computer receives the challenge, it decrypts the challenge and prepares a message digest value based on the challenge and the network data sent by the user. The message digest value is then encrypted with the private key of the user to form a response, and the response is sent to the policy agent. The policy agent decrypts the response with the public key of the user to obtain the message digest value and calculates a digest value based on the challenge and the received network data. The policy agent then compares the calculated digest value with the decrypted digest value. A match between the two digest values indicates that the user is successfully authenticated and that the received network data are associated with the user. The policy agent may then apply network policies based on the credentials of the authenticated user.
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