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Wristband/cinch with label assembly business form and method

A business form particularly adapted for use in a medical or hospital environment includes in a first embodiment a wristband assembly that is readily separable from a carrier comprised of a layer of face stock and a laminate, with the wristband including a printable face stock region die cut into the face stock and a strap portion, a laminating portion, and a cinch die cut into the laminate layer. The laminating portion includes two halves which fold together about a fold line to enclose the face stock, with the strap portion extending from one of said halves. The cinch may be located in one of two locations, either in an extension from the other side of the face stock or intermediate the face stock and the strap portion. In either case the cinch comprises a slot through which the strap portion is inserted and then adhered to itself after its length has been adjusted by the medical professional. If an extension is provided, it may be folded over to adhere to the strap portion and clamp it in place there as well as being adhered at its end back onto itself, as described. An extender is also described which includes a clamshell joinder and a tail portion. The clamshell portion may be applied to the strap portion anywhere along its length to extend the effective length of the strap portion. Any of the wristband constructions may be provided on a page sized sheet along with a plurality of self adhering labels, in any of a number of configurations, to suit any particular application, as desired by a user.

Image pickup device-equipped rear-view mirror

The present invention is intended to provide an image pickup device-equipped rear view mirror with improved image pickup performance, glare prevention and appearance (design) in addition to improved performance as a vehicle mirror. A mirror element is formed by forming a reflecting film consisting of high refractive index material films and a low refractive index material film on a back surface of a transparent glass substrate. The integrating sphere reflectance of the mirror element in the visible range is 40% to 60% and the near-infrared transmittance is no less than 70% for the whole or part of the band belonging to the near-infrared range within the entire sensitive wavelength range of the near-infrared camera. A black mask member is attached to an entire back surface of the reflecting film. The near-infrared camera is arranged behind the black mask member. The region corresponding to the area for the image-pickup by the near-infrared camera within the entire region of the black mask member is formed of a visible-light absorption and near-infrared transmission filter. The near-infrared transmittance of the visible-light absorption and near-infrared transmission filter is no less than 70% for the whole or part of the band belonging to the near-infrared range within the entire sensitive wavelength range of the near-infrared camera.

Identification, storage and display of land data on a website

Disclosed is a land website that provides a personalized database on which data can be stored, retrieved, customized and communicated (e.g., by e-mail) relating to a particular piece of property. The database can be accessible via a password and a security code over the Internet and may be encrypted for transmission. Land websites can be established that contain image data, map libraries, virtual tours, legal descriptions, title information, e-documents, actual pictures of property and various other information. Unique 3-D imaging of composite images can be provided on the land website as well as fly-around composite 3-D images. The land website provides a unique way of packaging information relating to a piece of land in a single, accessible location. A boundary applet tool is provided on the land website portal that allows a user to simply and easily draw boundaries around the property of interest and then submit an order for more detailed information about the property of interest. Various map data and image data are provided to assist the user in drawing the boundaries. Acreage amounts are automatically calculated based upon the size and area drawn by the user. Properties of interest can be easily accessed by a global coordinate system or by searching on map data that is provided on a wide range of scales.
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