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Channel-polarization-based encoder for staggered structure duplication code, and encoding and decoding methods thereof

The invention discloses a channel-polarization-based encoder for a staggered structure duplication code, and an encoding method and decoding methods thereof. The encoder consists of a duplication bit buffer with a storage capacity of L bits, a bit position mapper with a length N and a channel polarization device with the length N which are connected in sequence. The encoding method based on the encoder comprises the following steps of: embedding duplicated encoding into a channel polarization process, and introducing a duplicated relationship between parts of the bits of code blocks transmitted in sequence during the channel polarization for encoding. In addition, the invention further provides two decoding methods, which comprise the following steps of: decoding by using a simple and rapid successive cancellation (SC) algorithm, and performing iterative decoding by using a Tanner-graph-based belief propagation algorithm with excellent performance. On the basis of the innovative structure encoder, the encoding and decoding methods provided by the invention are stronger in error correction capability under the condition of not increasing the decoding complexity, and the transmission performance is obviously improved. The encoding and decoding methods are particularly applicable to an actual communication engineering system and have a good popularization and application prospect.

JPEG2000 self-adapted rate control system and method based on pre-allocated code rate

InactiveCN101106711AAccurate code rate pre-allocationPre-allocated precisionTelevision systemsDigital video signal modificationCoding blockControl system
The invention discloses a JPEG2000 self-adapting rate control system and a method based on pre-assignment of code rate, mainly solving the problem of large calculation amount and large memory size of JPEG2000 encoding method. The code block of the original image after pretreatment, wavelet transformation and quantification is output by two lines, one line directly enters the bit plane and MQ coder; for the other line, the entropy of each code block is estimated by the entropy estimate module, sent to the code rate assignment module to assign code rate, and the code rate of each code block is feed back to the bit plane and MQ coder through the encoding depth control module, after the code blocks are encoded by the bit plane, further feed back to the encoding depth control module to determine the output code stream of each encoded code block, and the output code stream is under optimal interception and code stream organization to output the ultimate code stream. At the same time, the invention can change the threshold value of the encoding depth control coefficient as required, to flexibly control the encoding depth in order to improve the image compression quality. The invention has the advantages of low complexity and easiness for hardware implementation, and is suitable for various JPEG2000 image real-time compression systems.

Intra-frame coding method based on rolling hush and block-level intra-frame prediction

The invention provides an intra-frame coding method based on a rolling hush and block-level intra-frame prediction of the technical field of image processing. A hash function with a rolling type calculation characteristic and a corresponding rolling type algorithm are selected and utilized to set up an image block lookup table about positional information contained in an image coded area of various image blocks with different pixel contents and hash values of the pixel contents of the image blocks, the image block lookup table is used for judging whether a current image block to be coded is a stored image block in the image block lookup table or not, and two-tuples further serve as coding information of the current image block to be coded or adding is carried out on the image block lookup table. According to the intra-frame coding method, a number of repeated image blocks existing in screen images are fully utilized to further improve intra-frame compressibility, on the premise that calculation expenditures at worst are guaranteed, little calculation expenditures are used for determining whether a prediction block the same as the current image block to be coded exists in the image coded area or not, and when a number of repeated image blocks exist in the screen images, the intra-frame coding method can obtain higher compressibility compared with an existing method.
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