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Wireless communication device with markup language based man-machine interface

A system, method, and software product provide a wireless communications device with a markup language based man-machine interface. The man-machine interface provides a user interface for the various telecommunications functionality of the wireless communication device, including dialing telephone numbers, answering telephone calls, creating messages, sending messages, receiving messages, establishing configuration settings, which is defined in markup language, such as HTML, and accessed through a browser program executed by the wireless communication device. This feature enables direct access to Internet and World Wide Web content, such as Web pages, to be directly integrated with telecommunication functions of the device, and allows Web content to be seamlessly integrated with other types of data, since all data presented to the user via the user interface is presented via markup language-based pages. The browser processes an extended form of HTML that provides new tags and attributes that enhance the navigational, logical, and display capabilities of conventional HTML, and particularly adapt HTML to be displayed and used on wireless communication devices with small screen displays. The wireless communication device includes the browser, a set of portable components, and portability layer. The browser includes protocol handlers, which implement different protocols for accessing various functions of the wireless communication device, and content handlers, which implement various content display mechanisms for fetching and outputting content on a screen display.

System and method for performing content experience management

A system and method for content experience management is disclosed. The system includes content, user and client databases, and a recommendation engine and server that facilitates the delivery, presentation, and management of several types of content (e.g., visual, audio, etc.) by businesses to design meaningful, lasting and effective experiences for consumers. The method and computer program product keeps consumers utilizing a new media device (e.g., a PC, WAP device, PDAs, or mobile phone) engaged, communicates brand messages, and develops consumer loyalty via a variety of touchpoints (e.g., the Internet). The business would employ the system described herein to return appropriate experience enhancing content to the consumer. The experience enhancing content is selected by the recommendation engine based on user profile information, the business' brand data and content rules stored in their respective databases. The content is then presented to the consumer as part of the Web browsing experience. The consumer's reactions (e.g., length of stay, purchases, and locations of clicks) are correlated to the content delivered and sent to the business as "feedback data." Because the system is outcome-focused, the feedback data are forwarded to the system. This allows the recommendation engine to refine its future content selection process (i.e., so the recommendation engine can "learn" what content works for what consumers) by updating the rules in the system's several databases.

System and method for real-time web page context analysis for the real-time insertion of textual markup objects and dynamic content

A technique is described for delivering contextual information to end users of a data network which includes at least one client system associated with an end user. According to a specific embodiment, the technique of the present invention provides a contextual-based platform for delivering to an end user in real-time proactive, personalized, contextual information relating to web page content currently being displayed to the user. A portion of web page content relating to a web page intended for display on the client system is received. According to a specific embodiment, the web page corresponds to a URL associated with a content provider. The portion of web page content is analyzed for keyword information. A portion of keyword information associated with the portion of web page content is identified. According to a specific embodiment, the portion of keyword information includes at least one keyword. Contextual information to be delivered to the end user is selected using the portion of keyword information. According to a specific implementation, the contextual information corresponds to ad information which is provided by a campaign provider server system. A set of web page modification instructions is generated using the contextual information. According to a specific embodiment, the set of web page modification instructions includes instructions for modifying the web page content to include the selected contextual information. The set of web page modification instructions is provided to the client system to thereby cause the portion of contextual information to be delivered to the user. According to a specific embodiment, when the client system implements the web page modification instructions, the web page content is caused to be modified in a manner which results in a display of contextual information on the client system.
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