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Data aggregation is the compiling of information from databases with intent to prepare combined datasets for data processing.

Data aggregation server for managing a multi-dimensional database and database management system having data aggregation server integrated therein

Improved method of and apparatus for aggregating data elements in multidimensional databases (MDDB). In one aspect of the present invention, the apparatus is realized in the form of a high-performance stand-alone (i.e. external) aggregation server which can be plugged-into conventional OLAP systems to achieve significant improments in system performance. In accordance with the principles of the present invention, the stand-alone aggregation server contains a scalable MDDB and a high-performance aggregation engine that are integrated into the modular architecture of the aggregation server. The stand-alone aggregation server of the present invention can uniformly distribute data elements among a plurality of processors, for balanced loading and processing, and therefore is highly scalable. The stand-alone aggregation server of the present invention can be used to realize (i) an improved MDDB for supporting on-line analytical processing (OLAP) operations, (ii) an improved Internet URL Directory for supporting on-line information searching operations by Web-enabled client machines, as well as (iii) diverse types of MDDB-based systems for supporting real-time control of processes in response to complex states of information reflected in the MDDB. In another aspect of the present invention, the apparatus is integrated within a database management system (DBMS). The improved DBMS can be used to realize achieving a significant increase in system performance (e.g. deceased access/search time), user flexibility and ease of use. The improved DBMS system of the present invention can be used to realize an improved Data Warehouse for supporting on-line analytical processing (OLAP) operations or to realize an improved informational database system, operational database system, or the like.

Method for distributed acquisition of data from computer-based network data sources

A method for facilitating efficient automated acquisition of data from computer-based network data sources, such as Internet websites, by means of one or more data aggregation servers and a distributed network of one or more client computers (each operated by and/or on behalf of one or more end users), that does not trigger "trespass on chattels" protection, violate copyright protection of database compilations of non-copyright data or allow data sources to easily detect automated data acquisition. In a specific embodiment, each user runs a java applet within their Internet browser that frequently polls a server connected to a database storing the user's preferences. Based on the user's preferences and other data stored in the database, the server generates requests (each to be issued by the client machine to a particular website) and tells the user's applet to issue those requests. Response(s) (or a processed version of those responses) returned to the server may be used by the client machine and/or returned to the server where they may be parsed, stored in the database, made available to the user (and, potentially, other users) and may trigger the server to generate follow-on requests. This method has many potential uses, including, but certainly not limited to, the aggregation of real estate data from numerous websites for homebuyers.

Industrial control network security protection monitoring system

An industrial control network security protection monitoring system performs real-time prevention and protection on industrial equipment of the industrial control network, and realizes network security protection monitoring through an acquisition layer, an analysis layer, a function layer and a display layer based on an integrated application platform, wherein the display layer mainly displays security trend, system topology and industrial control panorama; the acquisition layer comprises the acquisition of network data traffic and the recording of industrial control network operations; the analysis layer mainly comprises data processing, data association, data aggregation, data modeling, and integrated interfaces of other function modules; and the function layer mainly comprises monitoring audit, intrusion prevention, vulnerability mining, and data isolation. The system provided by the invention protects and protects industrial equipment in real time through the intelligent protectiontechnology of the industrial network control system, monitors and audits the data information of the entire industrial control network through the monitoring and auditing technology to prevent the industrial control network from being attacked externally, and can also have the vulnerability mining function of the industrial control network to escort the entire industrial control network security.

Automated, telematics-based system with score-driven triggering and operation of automated sharing economy risk-transfer systems and corresponding method thereof

Proposed is an automated telematics-based system (1) for score-driven operations associated with motor vehicles (41, . . . , 45) or transportation means of passengers or goods and based on a dynamic, telematics-based data aggregation, and method thereof, for automated risk-transfer related to complex peer-to-peer lending schemes, especially related to vehicles and car sharing schemes and sharing economy transportation schemes related to risks associated with damages to third parties. The telematics-based system (1) comprises telematics devices (411, . . . , 415) associated with the plurality of motor vehicles (41, . . . , 45), wherein the telematics devices (411, . . . , 415) comprise a wireless connection (42101-42108) to a central, expert-system-based circuit (11). The telematics devices (411, . . . , 415) are connected via interfaces (421, . . . , 425) to the sensors and/or measuring devices (401, . . . , 405) and/or an on-board diagnostic system (431, . . . , 435) and/or an in-car interactive device (441, . . . , 445), wherein the telematics devices (411, . . . , 415) capture usage-based (31) and/or user-based (32) and/or operational (33) telematics data (3) of the motor vehicle (41, . . . , 45) and/or user (321, 322, 323). In response to an emitted shadow request (109) individualized risk-transfer profiles (114) based upon the dynamically generated variable scoring parameters (1011, . . . , 1013) are transmitted from a first risk-transfer systems (11) to the corresponding motor vehicle (41, . . . , 45) and issued by means of a user unit (461, . . . , 465) of the motor vehicle (41, . . . , 45) for selection by the driver of the motor vehicles (41, . . . , 45). In return of issuing an individualized risk-transfer profile (114) over said user unit (461, . . . , 465), payment-transfer parameters are transmitted from the first risk-transfer system (11) to the provider of the telematics-based system (1).

High resolution encoding and transmission of traffic information

Systems and methods are provided for increasing the geospatial resolution of traffic information by dividing known location intervals into a fixed number of sub-segments not tied to any one map providers format, efficient coding of the traffic information, and distribution of the traffic information to end-user consuming devices over one or more of a satellite based broadcast transport medium and a data communications network. Exemplary embodiments of the present invention detail a nationwide traffic service which can be encoded and distributed through a single broadcast service, such as, for example, an SDARS service, or a broadcast over a data network. Exemplary embodiments include aggregating the traffic data from segments of multiple location intervals, into predefined and predetermined flow vectors, and sending the flow vectors within a data stream to users. Confidence levels obtained from raw traffic data can both (I) be disclosed to drivers/users to supplement a very low signal (or no signal) speed and congestion report, and (ii) can also be used in various system algorithms that decide what local anomalies or aberrations to filter out as noise, or to disclose as accurate information and thus more granularly depict the roadway in question (and use additional bits to do so) as an actual highly localized traffic condition.

Big data security analysis system based on massive network monitoring data

The invention discloses a big data security analysis system based on massive network monitoring data. The system includes a data traffic monitoring module, a deep packet detection module, a data jointanalysis module, an anomaly detection module and a security evaluation module, wherein the data traffic monitoring module is used to monitor data traffic in real time, analyze applications, perform lossless collection on various system traffic data, and transmit the data to other modules; the deep packet detection module is used to judge the service types and application types by deeply reconstituting and analyzing the payload content of a seventh-layer packet and matching service characteristics, and performs analysis to obtain different application types; the data joint analysis module is used to perform data aggregation and study the state and association analysis to further remove redundant information in original data; the anomaly detection module is used to detect a data analysis result and judge whether the data is abnormal; and the security evaluation module is used to obtain a data evaluation result by combining the network situation based on the analysis and detection of other modules. According to the system, the real-time monitoring of network data and corresponding data security analysis can be implemented, and the data security and reliability can be improved.
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