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Computer - Data and Information Data can be defined as a representation of facts, concepts, or instructions in a formalized manner, which should be suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing by human or electronic machine. ... Information is organized or classified data, which has some meaningful values for the receiver. Information is the processed data on which decisions and actions are based.

Wireless mobile device

A wireless Mobile Executive Assistant (MEA) in the form of a PDA/Phone having multiple, independently oriented screens configured to provide data, video independently or in combined fashion. Formed in the opposing first and second edges adjacent to a body having main display screen formed thereon are first and second slots, respectively, the first and second slots formed to receive first and second, slidingly engaging ancillary display screens. Each of the first and second display screens provide independent video or data information from the MEA, or video or other data transmission via the MEA, and can accordingly be used to conference simultaneously with three independent parties on three separate screens. The first and second screens each slidingly engage from a stored position fully with their respective first and second slots, wherein the screens are not discernable to the observer, and the MEA has the appearance of an ordinary cellular-type phone; alternatively, the first and second screens may emanate so that the phone has a first screen emanating from one side, and a second screen emanating generally from the opposite side of the unit, with the main screen situated therebetween. In addition to independent transmissions, all three screens can be deployed to form a single wide screen transmission.

Intelligent data retrieval system

ActiveUS20070136264A1Fast and robust wireless transmissionMinimize data transmission costDigital data information retrievalDigital data processing detailsData informationPaper document
An electronic assistant which dispatches tasks on the user's behalf and according to his or her preferences is disclosed. The assistant has an enactor for processing data received from a sensor and for changing its environment via an actuator. The enactor receives instruction from a predictor/goal generator, which in turn is connected to a general knowledge warehouse. Additionally, the warehouse and the predictor/goal generator are connected to a plurality of specialist knowledge modules, including a scheduler, an information locator, a communicator, a form filler, a trainer, a legal expert, a medical expert and other experts. The electronic assistant provides an interface which frees the user from learning complex search languages and allows some functions to be automatically performed. A variety of machine learning processes allow the assistant to learn the user's styles, techniques, preferences and interests. After learning about the user's interests in particular types of information, the assistant guides the user through the process of on-line information source selection, utilization, and interaction management via the information locator. The information locator generates a query conforming to the user characteristics for retrieving data of interest. The information locator next submits the query to one or more information sources. Upon receipt of results of the submitted query, the information locator communicates the results to the user, and updates the knowledge warehouse with responses from the user to the results. The assistant supports the ability to refine the query and to manage the costs associated with the search. Further, the assistant automatically incorporates data relating to changes in the query interface and other relevant characteristics of the information sources so that search command sequences can be altered without user interaction. The search configuration of each search carried out by the user is saved in a database. The data maintained in the database includes keywords and concepts for search, interval between subsequent searches, deadline for the search, the number of documents to acquire from each engine, and domain over which to do the search, including the preferred set of search engines or the preferred set of news groups.

Area road network traffic safety situation early warning system and method thereof

The invention discloses an area road network traffic safety situation early warning system and a method thereof. The system comprises monitoring equipment, a data transmission system, a data process system and an early warning system. The method comprises the following steps: acquiring data information of road traffic, meteorology, illegal behaviors, and accidents through the monitoring equipment; sending the data information through the data transmission system; carrying out a multiple heterogeneous treatment on the acquired data information through the data process system, and merging data of the same kind; analyzing and assessing early warning grade through the early warning system, and determining and publishing a early warning scheme. Thereby road network traffic safety situation information can be comprehensively grasped, and dangerous source existing in the road network can be discovered timely to determine an early warning grade and generate an intelligent early warning countermeasure. Pertinence, instantaneity and validity of a measure of a road traffic management department actively preventing traffic accidents are improved. Technology support is provided in the invention to reduce area road network traffic risk factor and prevent major and extraordinarily serious road traffic accidents.

Industrial control network security protection monitoring system

An industrial control network security protection monitoring system performs real-time prevention and protection on industrial equipment of the industrial control network, and realizes network security protection monitoring through an acquisition layer, an analysis layer, a function layer and a display layer based on an integrated application platform, wherein the display layer mainly displays security trend, system topology and industrial control panorama; the acquisition layer comprises the acquisition of network data traffic and the recording of industrial control network operations; the analysis layer mainly comprises data processing, data association, data aggregation, data modeling, and integrated interfaces of other function modules; and the function layer mainly comprises monitoring audit, intrusion prevention, vulnerability mining, and data isolation. The system provided by the invention protects and protects industrial equipment in real time through the intelligent protectiontechnology of the industrial network control system, monitors and audits the data information of the entire industrial control network through the monitoring and auditing technology to prevent the industrial control network from being attacked externally, and can also have the vulnerability mining function of the industrial control network to escort the entire industrial control network security.

BIMbased metro construction method

A BIM based metro constructiontechnique method comprises the implementing process that a metro construction site three-dimensional model is established, comprehensive pipeline collision checking is conducted, local complicated structures are visually analyzed, 4D dynamic simulation and analysis optimization are performed, model data information is extracted, and site layout and simulation are performed. By the adoption of the method, a metro engineering construction organization model in a complicated environment is established, the dynamic relation of progress, resources and site factors in the construction process is comprehensive considered, the complexity, uncertainty and randomness in construction can be well expressed, and the intuition,feasibility and scientificity of construction organization can be strengthened. The method is based on construction and endures in a whole metro construction life cycle. Due to the fact that the metro engineering BIM model used during implementation of the technique method provides accurate construction information for operation and maintenance of metro engineering, the management efficiency of the metro engineering is greatly improved by implementing the technique method, and a technical support is provided for achievement of scientific and technological metros and green metros.
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