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Wireless mobile device

A wireless Mobile Executive Assistant (MEA) in the form of a PDA/Phone having multiple, independently oriented screens configured to provide data, video independently or in combined fashion. Formed in the opposing first and second edges adjacent to a body having main display screen formed thereon are first and second slots, respectively, the first and second slots formed to receive first and second, slidingly engaging ancillary display screens. Each of the first and second display screens provide independent video or data information from the MEA, or video or other data transmission via the MEA, and can accordingly be used to conference simultaneously with three independent parties on three separate screens. The first and second screens each slidingly engage from a stored position fully with their respective first and second slots, wherein the screens are not discernable to the observer, and the MEA has the appearance of an ordinary cellular-type phone; alternatively, the first and second screens may emanate so that the phone has a first screen emanating from one side, and a second screen emanating generally from the opposite side of the unit, with the main screen situated therebetween. In addition to independent transmissions, all three screens can be deployed to form a single wide screen transmission.
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