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A system configuration (SC) in systems engineering defines the computers, processes, and devices that compose the system and its boundary. More generally, the system configuration is the specific definition of the elements that define and/or prescribe what a system is composed of.

Internet database system

An incrementally-scalable database system and method. The system architecture enables database servers to be scaled by adding resources, such as additional servers, without requiring that the system be taken offline. Such scaling includes both adding one or more computer servers to a given server cluster, which enables an increase in database read transaction throughput, and adding one or more server clusters to the system configuration, which provides for increased read and write transaction throughput. The system also provides for load balancing read transactions across each server cluster, and load balancing write transactions across a plurality of server clusters. The system architecture includes an application server layer including one or more computers on which an application program(s) is running, a database server layer comprising two or more server clusters that each include two or more computer servers with replicated data, and an intermediate "virtual transaction" layer that includes at least two computers that facilitate database transactions with one or more databases operating in the database server layer. Data in the database(s) are evenly distributed across the server clusters in fragmented mutually exclusive subsets of data based on a hashing function. An application program interface is provided so as to enable application programs to perform a full range of database transactions without regard for where data is stored, or what database(s) is operating in the database server layer.

Correcting for changed client machine hardware when using a server-based operating system

Methods and systems for adjusting an operating system configuration according to changes in hardware components of a client computer. The adjusted operating system can boot on the client computer regardless of changes in the hardware configuration of the client computer since it was last connected to a network server. Before the operating system boots, a preliminary connection is established between the client computer and the server. During the preliminary connection, the system identifies hardware components that are new and that must be supported by the operating system for bootup to occur. In particular, the server sends information relating to the previous client hardware configuration to the client computer. The client computer compares its current hardware configuration to the previous hardware configuration information, thereby identifying its new hardware components. Information identifying the new hardware components is sent to the server. The server locates operating system components or device drivers that support the new hardware components and stores them in a specified repository at the server. The operating system, which is now reconfigured to support the current client hardware components, is downloaded to the client computer and boots thereon.
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