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System for transmitting video images over a computer network to a remote receiver

A method of and apparatus for transmitting video images preferably allows a specially trained individual to remotely supervise, instruct, and observe administration of medical tests conducted at remote locations. This apparatus preferably includes a source device, a transmitting device, and at least one remote receiving device. Preferably, the transmitting device and the remote receiving device communicate over a network such as the Internet Protocol network. Alternatively, the transmitting device and the receiving device communicate over any appropriate data network. The transmitting device transmits the video images to the remote receiving device either for live display through the source device or for pre-recorded display through a video recorder device. The remote receiving device is also capable of communicating with the transmitting device while simultaneously receiving video images. The source device is preferably a medical test device such as an ultrasound, a sonogram, an echocardiogram, an angioplastigram, and the like. This medical test device preferably generates video images for the transmitting device. The transmitting device captures the video images in real-time from the source device and compresses these video images utilizing a compression algorithm prior to transmitting data representing the video images to the remote receiving device. Remote users utilizing the remote receiving devices are capable of remotely controlling a number of parameters relating to the source device and the transmitting device. Such parameters include image quality, storage of the video images on the transmitting device, manipulating and controlling the source device, and the like.

Arranging on a communications network meetings between persons where the instant estimated time of arrival at a meeting of each prospective attendee is calculated and displayed to the subject attendee, and to all prospective attendees

In a method performed on and between communicating devices distributed upon a communications network for the purpose(s) of soliciting and arranging and initiating a meeting, the communication device of each prospective attendee of a meeting supplies its instant geographical location to a central computer. The central computer calculates from the received instant geographical locations, and preferably also any of weather, traffic flow rate, traffic roadblocks and stoppages, the traffic route being followed to the meeting location, and the actual rate of progress along the route to the meeting location—the estimated time of arrival of each prospective attendee at the meeting. This ETA for each prospective meeting attendee is sent from the central computer to the communications devices of all prospective attendees, permitting each and all to see their own progress or lack thereof, and also that of others, to the meeting. The instant geographical locations of all prospective attendees supplied to the central computer are likewise preferably distributed by the central computer to all prospective attendees, and graphically displayed in real time.
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