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Electric signal: Any signal, light/sound/video that is sent over a wire (conductor) by drifting of electrons in it (current) caused variation of electrical voltages at either end. They need a conductor to propagate. eg: Electricity coming to your house, or the music from your cellphone, through the earphone wires.

Device and method for treating disordered breathing

A device is disclosed for treating sleep and breathing disorders of a patient, along with the method of using the device. The device includes a processor for receiving sensor inputs, processing the received sensor inputs, and generating commands through output devices. A first sensor is positionable for receiving breathing sound information emitted from one of the mouth and nose of a patient. The second sensor is positionable on a patient for receiving breathing sounds information from a patient's chest cavity. A third sensor is positionable for receiving information relating to the amount of chest expansion of a patient. A first output device is provided that is capable of providing an auditory signal to a patient. A second output device is capable of providing an electrical signal to a muscle group of a patient that simulates a human touching event. The first, second and third sensors, and the first and second output devices are operatively coupled to the processor to permit the processor to receive information input from the sensors, process the input information to the detect the existence of a sleep-breathing disorder event, and to generate command to at least one of the first and second output devices. The command is capable of directing the at least one output device to provide a series of progressively intrusive stimuli designed to condition the patient to terminate the sleep breathing disorder event, and ultimately, return to a more normal sleep pattern.
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