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A signal generator is an electronic device that generates repeating or non-repeating electronic signals in either the analog or the digital domain. These generated signals are used as a stimulus for electronic measurements, typically used in designing, testing, troubleshooting, and repairing electronic or electroacoustic devices, though it often has artistic uses as well.

Frequency modulation type wirelss power supply and charger system

A frequency modulation type wireless power supply and charger system includes a power supply base unit consisting of a first microprocessor, a power circuit, a power switch driver circuit, a first resonant circuit, a first coil, a detection module and a power input interface, and a wireless power supply and charge receiver unit consisting of a secondary coil, a second resonant circuit, a rectifier filter circuit, a detection and protection module, a second microprocessor, a temperature sensor, a charging module and a power output interface and adapted for receiving electrical power from the power supply base unit wirelessly for charging an external electronic device. The detection and protection module of the wireless power supply and charge receiver unit detects the supply of the electrical power, and the second microprocessor sends a feedback signal to the power supply base unit through the signal generator circuit and the second resonant circuit subject to the detection of the detection and protection module for enabling the power supply base unit to control the power switch driver circuit to regulate its output power automatically, thereby minimizing power transmission loss and the load of the internal components of the wireless power supply and charge receiver unit.

Adaptive compression and decompression of bandlimited signals

An efficient method for compressing sampled analog signals in real time, without loss, or at a user-specified rate or distortion level, is described. The present invention is particularly effective for compressing and decompressing high-speed, bandlimited analog signals that are not appropriately or effectively compressed by prior art speech, audio, image, and video compression algorithms due to various limitations of such prior art compression solutions. The present invention's preprocessor apparatus measures one or more signal parameters and, under program control, appropriately modifies the preprocessor input signal to create one or more preprocessor output signals that are more effectively compressed by a follow-on compressor. In many instances, the follow-on compressor operates most effectively when its input signal is at baseband. The compressor creates a stream of compressed data tokens and compression control parameters that represent the original sampled input signal using fewer bits. The decompression subsystem uses a decompressor to decompress the stream of compressed data tokens and compression control parameters. After decompression, the decompressor output signal is processed by a post-processor, which reverses the operations of the preprocessor during compression, generating a postprocessed signal that exactly matches (during lossless compression) or approximates (during lossy compression) the original sampled input signal. Parallel processing implementations of both the compression and decompression subsystems are described that can operate at higher sampling rates when compared to the sampling rates of a single compression or decompression subsystem. In addition to providing the benefits of real-time compression and decompression to a new, general class of sampled data users who previously could not obtain benefits from compression, the present invention also enhances the performance of test and measurement equipment (oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, etc.), busses and networks carrying sampled data, and data converters (A/D and D/A converters).
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