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Power Output. Power Output is the ability to procure a large amount of strength in a rapid manner, and considered both muscular and neural factors. Supplements that increase power output are of interest to atheltes and strength enthusiasts.

Frequency modulation type wirelss power supply and charger system

A frequency modulation type wireless power supply and charger system includes a power supply base unit consisting of a first microprocessor, a power circuit, a power switch driver circuit, a first resonant circuit, a first coil, a detection module and a power input interface, and a wireless power supply and charge receiver unit consisting of a secondary coil, a second resonant circuit, a rectifier filter circuit, a detection and protection module, a second microprocessor, a temperature sensor, a charging module and a power output interface and adapted for receiving electrical power from the power supply base unit wirelessly for charging an external electronic device. The detection and protection module of the wireless power supply and charge receiver unit detects the supply of the electrical power, and the second microprocessor sends a feedback signal to the power supply base unit through the signal generator circuit and the second resonant circuit subject to the detection of the detection and protection module for enabling the power supply base unit to control the power switch driver circuit to regulate its output power automatically, thereby minimizing power transmission loss and the load of the internal components of the wireless power supply and charge receiver unit.

System, method and computer program product for enhancing commercial value of electrical power produced from a renewable energy power production facility

InactiveUS20050127680A1Increase power valueInherent market valueWind motor controlEngine fuctionsPower exchangeRenewable power generation
A method, system and computer program product enhance the commercial value of electrical power produced from a wind turbine production facility. Features include the use of a premier power conversion device that provides an alternative source of power for supplementing an output power of the wind turbine generation facility when lull periods for wind speed appear. The invention includes a communications infrastructure and coordination mechanism for establishing a relationship with another power production facility such that when excess electrical power is produced by the wind turbine facility, the excess may be provided to the power grid while the other energy production facility cuts back on its output production by a corresponding amount. A tracking mechanism keeps track of the amount of potential energy that was not expended at the other facility and places this amount in a virtual energy storage account, for the benefit of the wind turbine facility. When, the wind turbine power production facility experiences a shortfall in its power production output it may make a request to the other source of electric power, and request that an increase its power output on behalf of the wind turbine facility. This substitution of one power production facility for another is referred to herein as a virtual energy storage mechanism. Furthermore, another feature of the present invention is the use of a renewal power exchange mechanism that creates a market for trading renewable units of power, which have been converted into “premier power” and/or “guaranteed” by secondary sources of power source to provide a reliable source of power to the power grid as required by contract.
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