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Method and apparatus for multi-function arithmetic

A multiplier capable of performing signed and unsigned scalar and vector multiplication is disclosed. The multiplier is configured to receive signed or unsigned multiplier and multiplicand operands in scalar or packed vector form. An effective sign for the multiplier and multiplicand operands may be calculated and used to create and select a number of partial products according to Booth's algorithm. Once the partial products have been created and selected, they may be summed and the results may be output. The results may be signed or unsigned, and may represent vector or scalar quantities. When a vector multiplication is performed, the multiplier may be configured to generate and select partial products so as to effectively isolate the multiplication process for each pair of vector components. The multiplier may also be configured to sum the products of the vector components to form the vector dot product. The final product may be output in segments so as to require fewer bus lines. The segments may be rounded by adding a rounding constant. Rounding and normalization may be performed in two paths, one assuming an overflow will occur, the other assuming no overflow will occur. The multiplier may also be configured to perform iterative calculations to evaluate constant powers of an operand. Intermediate products that are formed may be rounded and normalized in two paths and then compressed and stored for use in the next iteration. An adjustment constant may also be added to increase the frequency of exactly rounded results.

Intelligent control apparatus and method for high-power energy saving electromagnetic stove

The invention relates to an intelligent control device of a high power energy saving electromagnetic stove, and the method thereof, The intelligent control device comprises a controllable rectifying and filtering module, a contravariant module and a microcomputer controlling module, which is characterized in that a three-phase alternating current power supply is rectified into an adjustable direct current power supply through the controllable rectifying and filtering module ; the direct current power supply is inverted into a high frequency alternating current power supply through the contravariant module, and then the electric energy is converted into electromagnetic energy to be radiated to the bottom of a cookware, and vortex flow is generated, and the cookware can be heated because of the thermal effect of the vortex flow; the microcomputer controlling module is the core of the entire system, which is used for collecting data and transmitting control information to each module; the device adopts a series of advanced control policies, such as the trigger control of the rectifier bridge of an PI regulator, the intelligent self-adaptive constant power control, the intelligent soft-start control, the intelligent cookware detection control, etc., and thereby the working stability and the security of the electromagnetic stove are enhanced. The harmonic pollution of the equipment to the electric network can be reduced to the utmost extent when the electric energy of the electromagnetic stove is saved, and the electromagnetic stove is suitable for various kitchens and dining rooms.

Power control system and method of excavator

The invention discloses a power control system of an excavator. The power control system is characterized by comprising a pressure sensor, a main pump displacement regulator, a revolution speed sensor and a loading calculation module, wherein the pressure sensor and the main pump displacement regulator are arranged on the outlet of a main pump, the revolution speed sensor is arranged on an engine, and the loading calculation module is arranged in the main controller; the pressure sensor, the revolution speed sensor and the main pump displacement regulator are respectively connected with the main controller and output engine revolution speed, throttle position and main pump displacement after being calculated by the loading calculation module to respectively control an actuating mechanism. The method is as follows: low load is a positive flow control mode; high load: a. when engine revolution speed is more than or equal to no-load speed* (1-7%), controlling by a constant power mode; and b. when the engine revolution speed is less than no-load speed* (1-7%), controlling by a limiting power mode. The invention controls by constant power comprehensive limiting power, gives consideration to the power output of a dynamic system on the premise of ensuring excavating force, dynamically adjusts the matching between the practical power of a hydraulic system and requirements, lowers power loss and reduces oil loss.

Dynamic power coordination control method for battery energy storage system

InactiveCN102570489AGuaranteed energy storageStrong ability to resist load disturbanceFlexible AC transmissionAc network load balancingFrequency stabilizationConstant power
The invention discloses a dynamic power coordination control method for a battery energy storage system. The battery energy storage system comprises a plurality of power converters which supply power to a load and are connected in parallel for operation, and is characterized in that: the power converters connected in parallel for operation are divided into two types, and a master-slave control scheme is adopted, wherein one type comprises only one power converter which adopts a constant voltage constant frequency control mode and is called a master node, and the power converters of the other type adopt a constant power mode with a slight droop characteristic, and serve as slave nodes; generally, a power converter with a high capacity is selected to be the only one master node which is specified by an upper-layer monitoring system, and all the other power converters are the slave nodes; and under a stable state condition, active power and reactive power output by the power converters which serve as the slave nodes are set by a power instruction transmitted by the monitoring system, and the output power of the power converter which serves as the master node is dynamically regulated according to a load condition. The method adopting the master-slave control scheme has the advantages that: on the premise of sufficient power capacity, both the voltage stability and frequency stability of a micro-grid system are easily achieved, anti-load disturbance capability is high, and failure recovery time is short.
Owner:中国南方电网有限责任公司调峰调频发电公司 +2

Optical storage alternating current and direct current hybrid micro-grid system and control method thereof

The invention relates to an optical storage alternating current and direct current hybrid micro-grid system and a control method of the system. The system and the method are characterized in that a hybrid micro-grid comprises an alternating current micro-grid subsystem, a direct current micro-grid subsystem and a power exchange control system; the alternating current micro-grid subsystem comprises an alternating current side photovoltaic power generation unit, an alternating current load and a grid-connected interface; the direct current micro-grid subsystem comprises a direct current side photovoltaic power generation unit, a storage battery energy storage unit and a high/low voltage direct current load; the power exchange control system comprises a two-way AC/DC power converter, a transformer, a micro-grid controller and a communication system, the storage battery energy storage unit is used for controlling direct current bus voltages, and P/Q control is adopted in the two-way AC/DC power converter. Under the stabilizing effect of direct current side energy storage, the direct current micro-grid subsystem conducts photovoltaic power generation and is connected to a large power grid through the alternating current micro-grid subsystem at constant power, and the photovoltaic utilization rate is increased. By means of the control method, the power supply reliability and economical efficiency of the hybrid micro-grid are effectively improved.
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