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System and method for servoing robots based upon workpieces with fiducial marks using machine vision

A system and method for servoing robot marks using fiducial marks and machine vision provides a machine vision system having a machine vision search tool that is adapted to register a pattern, namely a trained fiducial mark, that is transformed by at least two translational degrees and at least one mon-translational degree of freedom. The fiducial is provided to workpiece carried by an end effector of a robot operating within a work area. When the workpiece enters an area of interest within a field of view of a camera of the machine vision system, the fiducial is recognized by the tool based upon a previously trained and calibrated stored image within the tool. The location of the work-piece is derived by the machine vision system based upon the viewed location of the fiducial. The location of the found fiducial is compared with that of a desired location for the fiducial. The desired location can be based upon a standard or desired position of the workpiece. If a difference between location of the found fiducial and the desired location exists, the difference is calculated with respect to each of the translational axes and the rotation. The difference can then be further transformed into robot-based coordinates to the robot controller, and workpiece movement is adjusted based upon the difference. Fiducial location and adjustment continues until the workpiece is located the desired position with minimum error.

High current welding power supply

In a welding power supply for creating welding current in a succession of current pulses with a maximum current level and a trailing off state which current pulses passing through a series circuit including an inductor and electrode in welding relationship with a workpiece wherein the power supply has (a) an inverter stage with an input to be connected to a power source, a first terminal at a first electrical polarity when the inverter is on, a second terminal at a second electrical polarity when the inverter is on, and a control to generate an off signal to turn the inverter off and remove current from the terminals to shift said current pulse toward an off state; and, (b) a power switching stage including a transistor based switch having a conduction condition passing current from the first terminal upon creation of a first logic signal and a non-conduction condition blocking current upon creation of a second logic signal, the improvement comprising: a sensor for measuring the instantaneous value of the welding current, a comparator for producing a low current signal when the instantaneous current is at a selected value substantially below the maximum current level and a circuit or program for creating the second logic signal upon production of a low current signal after generation of an off signal whereby the transistor based switch is switched from the conduction condition to the non-conduction condition when the welding current is generally at the selected value.
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