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A superalloy, or high-performance alloy, is an alloy that exhibits several key characteristics: excellent mechanical strength, resistance to thermal creep deformation, good surface stability, and resistance to corrosion or oxidation. The crystal structure is typically face-centered cubic austenitic. Examples of such alloys are Hastelloy, Inconel, Waspaloy, Rene alloys, Incoloy, MP98T, TMS alloys, and CMSX single crystal alloys.

Numerically controlled drilling and milling processing method for runner of blisk of engine

The invention provides a numerically controlled drilling and milling processing method for a runner of a blisk of an engine. The main technical flow before drilling and milling the runner comprises the following steps: lathing each surface of a blank, performing nondestructive testing, lathing inner and outer cavities of the blisk, finely milling a needed periphery and an axial benchmark, drilling and boring an angular datum hole, drilling and milling the runner and inspecting. A part and a fixture are in peripheral seam allowance fit to limit a radial degree of freedom of the part; an end face gland and a central pull bar axially limit an axial degree of freedom of the part; and a precise positioning pin angularly limits an angular degree of freedom of the part. The method has the advantages that: by applying the drilling and milling processing method to a part machining process of the blisk of the engine having the material removing rate of over 90 percent, the method improves the processing efficiency, shortens the manufacturing period of the product, and provides a new technical means for removing a large amount of remainder materials of the blisk; and the processing of a high-temperature alloy, a titanium alloy and other difficult-to-process materials shows that the material is more difficult to process, the removing rate is bigger and the effect is more obvious.

Method for preparing oxide dispersion strengthened alloy by rapid forming

The invention belongs to the technical field of high-temperature alloy near net shape forming and discloses a method for preparing oxide dispersion strengthened alloy by rapid forming. The method includes: using the mechanical alloying process to obtain oxide dispersion strengthened alloy powder, using CAD (computer-aided design) software to design a three-dimensional solid model of an ODS (oxide dispersion strengthened) alloy part, subjecting the three-dimensional model to layering and slicing to disperse the three-dimensional model into a series of two-dimensional layers, smelting the ODS alloy powder layer by layer according to slicing information to obtain a laser rapidly formed blank in a needed shape, eliminating residue pores in the laser rapidly formed blank by means of hot isostatic pressing, and optimizing structure property by means of subsequent annealing or solid solution and aging heat treatment to obtain an ODS alloy part in a complex shape. Wrap packaging or fixture moulds are not needed, the complexity of shapes of parts is unlimited, and alloy components and structures are easy to control. The prepared ODS alloy is small in oxide dispersed phase, and products are high in compactness and excellent in comprehensive mechanical property.

Method for melting nickel-base high temperature alloy with electro-slag furnace

InactiveCN102719683AReduce the degree of segregationImprove hot workabilityAl powderSlag (welding)
The invention relates to a method for melting a nickel-base high temperature alloy with an electro-slag furnace. The method includes the following methods: loading materials, welding a high temperature alloy electrode and a false electrode to be smelted together, and placing slag materials at the bottom of a crystallizer; blowing the welded electrodes with inert gases, and closing a protection cover; protecting a smelting closing smoke exhaust valve, and feeding an Ar gas into the crystallizer and the protection cover; striking an arc and melting slag; cleaning smelting slag materials, starting a smelting period, and swinging a slag resistor for less than 0.5 m omega during the smelting process; adding oxidizing agents, and adding metal aluminum powder continuously or at intervals to serve as deoxidizing agents during an electro-slag re-melting process; adopting feeding thorough three stages, power feeding is decreased rapidly, power feeding is decreased slowly, and finally heat is preserved at constant power; and casting a die, cooling and demolding the die. According to the method for melting the nickel-base high temperature alloy with the electro-slag furnace, the surface of a nickel-base high temperature steel ingot has no slag groove defect, and the burning losses of Al and Ti are less than or equal to 5%.

High-strength and corrosion-resistant nickel-iron-chromium-based high-temperature alloy and preparation method for same

ActiveCN102994809ADoes not affect structural stabilityLow costHigh pressureSuperalloy
The invention belongs to the field of metal structural materials, and particularly discloses a high-strength and corrosion-resistant nickel-iron-chromium-based high-temperature alloy and a preparation method for the same. The alloy material is mainly characterized by having the following ingredient range (wt%): 20-30% of Fe, 19-25% of Cr, 0.5-2.5% of Al, 1.0-2.5% of Ti, not greater than 2% of Nb, not greater than 2% of Mo, not greater than 2% of W, not greater than 1% of Ta, not greater than 0.5% of Si, not greater than 1.0% of Mn, not greater than 0.5% of Cu, not greater than 0.05% of C, not greater than 0.01% of B, not greater than 0.03% of Zr and the balance of Ni. The alloy disclosed by the invention is strong in anti-steam-corrosion and anti-fume-corrosion capacities; an ordered-reinforcing phase with dispersed distribution and gamma' phase (Ni3(Al, Ti)) are formed to enhance the high-temperature strength of the alloy; and the content of Fe is increased to the greatest extent on the basis of no influence on the structural stability, the anti-corrosion capacity and the high-temperature strength of the alloy, so as to improve the heat machinability of the alloy and reduce cost. Compared with the prior art, the alloy is low in material cost, excellent in high-temperature strength, heat machinability and corrosion resistance; and in particular, in the case that the alloy is used in the conditions of high temperature, supercritical steam and corrosive fume, the cost performance of the alloy is superior to the cost performances of the existing alloys. The alloy disclosed by the invention can be machined into tube materials, plate materials, bar materials and wire materials.
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