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Porous Membranes. Porous membranes consist of a solid matrix with defined holes or pores which have diameters ranging from less than 2 nm to more than 20 μm (Strathmann et al. 2006 ). The separation of solutes by porous membranes is mainly a function of molecular size and membrane pore size distribution (Baker 2004 ).

Catheter for uniform delivery of medication

The present invention provides a catheter for the delivery of fluid medication across an anatomical region. In accordance with one embodiment, the catheter comprises an elongated tube with a plurality of exit holes along an infusion section of the catheter, and an elongated flexible porous member residing within the tube and forming an annular space between the tube and the member. In accordance with other embodiments, the catheter includes a tube having a plurality of exit holes in a side wall of the tube. The exit holes may combine to form a flow-restricting orifice of the catheter. Advantageously, fluid within the catheter flows through all of the exit holes, resulting in uniform distribution of fluid within an anatomical region. In one particular embodiment, the catheter comprises a tube having elongated exit slots therein. In accordance with other embodiments, the catheter includes an elongated tubular member made of a porous membrane. The porous membrane is configured so that a fluid introduced into an open end of the tubular member will flow through side walls of the tubular member at a substantially uniform rate along a length of the tubular member. In accordance with other embodiments, the catheter includes an elongated “weeping” tubular coil spring attached to an end of, or enclosed within, a tube. Fluid within the spring and greater than or equal to a threshold pressure advantageously flows radially outward between the spring coils. Advantageously, the fluid is dispensed substantially uniformly throughout a length of the spring.

Lithium ion battery and membrane thereof

The invention belongs to the technical field of lithium ion batteries and particularly relates to a membrane for a lithium ion battery, which is good in safety performance and mechanical performance. The membrane for the lithium ion battery comprises a porous membrane substrate, a ceramic material layer coated on the surface of the porous membrane substrate, and a polymer sticking layer which is coated on the ceramic material layer and is located on the surface layer. Compared with the prior art, the ceramic material layer can form a microcosmic physical separation on the surface of the membrane so as to reduce the piercing effect of a lithium pine-tree crystal on the membrane; the ceramic material layer coated on the porous membrane substrate can improve the heat resistance of the membrane; the polymer sticking layer which is coated on the ceramic material layer and has a sticking effect can be used for preventing an inner short circuit caused by staggering of the membrane and an electrode, so that the safety performance of the battery is enhanced. In addition, the membrane, an anode sheet and a cathode sheet are joined together through the effect of the polymer sticking layer, so that the mechanical performance of the battery can be enhanced. Furthermore, the invention further discloses the lithium ion battery containing the membrane.
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