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Vacuum assisted closure pad with adaptation for phototherapy

A modified vacuum assisted wound closure system adapted for concurrent applications of phototherapy having a foam pad for insertion substantially into the wound site and a wound drape for sealing enclosure of the foam pad at the wound site. The foam pad includes an optical pigtail, whereby desired wavelength of light may be directed into and about the wound site. The foam pad is placed in fluid communication with a vacuum source for promotion of fluid drainage. The foam pad is made of a highly reticulated, open-cell polyurethane or polyether foam for good permeability of wound fluids while under suction and is also embedded with an optical pigtail. The optical pigtail comprises an optical fiber that has been formed to fan into a plurality of sections. The fibers of the most distal fanned sections, which are implanted in the foam pad at its base, are provided with tiny optical slots, oriented away from the foam pad and toward the wound site. Each optical slot is made by stripping the cladding from the optical fiber in the desired areas of the fanned sections to form slot radiators. Because it is necessary to trim the foam pad in preparation for therapy, the optical fibers comprise plastics, such as acrylic or styrene. Upon placement of the pad, having the optical pigtail embedded therein, the wound drape is firmly adhered about the VAC therapy suction hose as well as the extending optical fiber to prevent vacuum leakage.

Artificial valve prosthesis with improved flow dynamics

An expandable venous valve having a support structure that configured to enlarge the area adjacent to the valve structure such that the flow patterns of retrograde flow are modified in a way that facilitates the flushing of the pockets at the base of the valve area to prevent stagnation of bodily fluid, which in the venous system, can lead to thrombus formation. The enlarged pocket areas can be created by forming an artificial sinus adjacent the valve structure in an unsupported section of vessel wall between two support frame section or the support frame can comprise an expanded-diameter intermediate or proximal section that forms an artificial sinus adjacent the valve structure. In another group of embodiments, the attachment pathway between opposing leaflets and the support frame and / or vessel wall comprises a proximal portion that places the leaflets in extended contact with one another and a distal portion forms a large angle with respect to the adjacent walls such that a large pocket is created at the base of the leaflets. In one embodiment, the attachment pathway extends distally along a pair of substantially parallel longitudinal attachment struts to create an extended leaflet contact area, then angles circumferentially and distally from the former along distal attachment struts to define the bottom edge of the leaflets.
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