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Embolic filter frame having looped support strut elements

InactiveUS20040093012A1Longitudinal compliance be enhanceImprove sealingSurgeryDilatorsEngineeringLower degree
An improved embolic filter frame having looped support struts. The frame configuration provides enhanced longitudinal compliance, improved sealing against a vessel wall, low profile delivery, and a short deployed length. The looped support struts have a high degree of "radial" stiffness with a low degree of "longitudinal" stiffness. In the deployed state, the frame exerts a relatively high stress onto a vessel wall to maintain an effective seal, yet remains compliant in the longitudinal direction. Minor displacements of the support wire or catheter are therefore not translated to the filter. The looped support struts elongate when tensioned and assume a compressed and essentially linear form. While constrained in this linear state by a delivery catheter, the support struts exert minimal stress onto the delivery system. The overall delivery profile and stiffness are therefore reduced. When the delivery catheter constraint is removed during deployment, the struts "snap open" and assume a looped configuration which exert a high degree of force onto the vessel wall, creating an enhanced filter to vessel wall seal. In addition, the looped struts and the central collar connecting the support struts to the support wire, are positioned essentially within the plane of the filter opening. The overall deployed length of the embolic filter is therefore reduced.

Sealed type photovoltaic junction box with rapid heat dissipation

ActiveCN102110726AAvoid excessive bendingImprove sealingPipesPhotovoltaicsThin sheetEngineering
The invention relates to a sealed type photovoltaic junction box with rapid heat dissipation, which comprises a box body, a box cover and a metal terminal that is sealed inside the box body and the box cover and is provided with a diode. The box body and the box cover are sealed with silicone, a sealant filling region is arranged at the upper part of the box cover and is sealed through a sealant filling upper cover which is provided with a sealant filling hole at the middle part thereof, an adhesive groove is arranged on the periphery of the box cover, the box body adopts hollowed design, a vent hole is arranged in the middle of the box body, adhesive bulges matched with the adhesive groove are arranged on the periphery of the box body, an upper wire clamping semicircular slot and a lowerwire clamping semicircular slot that are matched with each other in the vertical direction are arranged on each side surface of the box body and the box cover, the metal terminal adopts large-area thin-sheet design, and cables are connected with the two ends of the metal terminal and are placed inside the wire clamping semicircular slots. The sealed type photovoltaic junction box provided by the invention adopts silicone sealing, thereby resulting in better sealing performance, improved waterproof and dustproof capacity, good heat dissipation performance, and the like.

Optical cable splitting box

ActiveCN102073112AImprove sealingWill not affect work performanceFibre mechanical structuresFastenerHinge angle
The invention relates to an optical cable splitting box. The peripheral wall of a box body is hinged with one side of the outside wall of a box cover through a hinge; two press block gaps and sliding plate gaps which are opposite to each other are reserved on the box body; two optical cable pressing blocks of which the bottoms are provided with upper arc-shaped grooves are respectively plugged in the press block gaps to form optical cable holes; threading sliding plates are plugged in the sliding plate gaps; a pressing plate and more than one fixing seat are plugged in vertical guide rails of the threading sliding plates in turn from the top to the bottom; an L-shaped bottom plate is arranged on a box bottom plate of the box body; a supporting seat and a welding disk are arranged on the bottom plate; the bottom plate is provided with more than two cable locking rings as well as optical cable fasteners and a grounding bolt; one side of an intermediate overturning plate is rotatably connected with the bottom plate through a pin shaft; a mounting bracket, a tail optical fiber parking seat and a cable locking ring are arranged on the upper part of the intermediate overturning plate; and an optical branching device box is plugged in the mounting bracket or/and an intermediate bearing support through longitudinal guide plates on the two sides. The optical cable splitting box has the characteristics that: the structure is reasonable, the internal wiring route is clear, the optical cable splitting box is convenient to operate, and the optical branching device is flexible to configure.

Machining device and machining technology for glass sheet hot bending molding

The invention relates to the field of glass sheet hot bending molding, in particular to a machining device and machining technology for glass sheet hot bending molding. The machining device and machining technology finish machining through a jig structure and the simple process. The machining device mainly comprises a whole rack and a supporting part. The whole rack is of a rack structure with the periphery sealed and a cavity inside. The supporting part is arranged under the whole rack to support the whole rack. The inner cavity of the whole rack is sequentially and transversely provided with a preheating area, a molding area and a cooling area from left to right. Isolation areas are installed at the left end and the right end of the outer side of the whole rack. Meanwhile, the whole rack is provided with a conveying rail which is communicated with the isolation areas at the two ends and connected with the preheating area, the molding area and the cooling area. Glass sheets are loaded and pressed through a jig so as to finish the whole process of glass sheet hot bending molding. Loading performance of the graphite jig is stable, pressing and heating of the jig are uniform, the structure of the whole machining device is simplified, and the machining technology is simple.
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