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Thin-film deposition apparatus

A gas-feeding apparatus configured to be connected to an evacuatable reaction chamber includes a gas-distribution head for introducing gases into the chamber through a head surface. The gas-feeding head includes a first section for discharging a gas through the head surface toward a susceptor and a second section for discharging a gas through the head surface toward the susceptor. The first and the second sections are isolated from each other in the gas-distribution head, at least one of which section is coupled to an exhaust system for purging therefrom a gas present in the corresponding section without passing through the head surface.

Runtime adaptable search processor

ActiveUS20060136570A1Reduce stacking processImproving host CPU performanceWeb data indexingMultiple digital computer combinationsData packInternal memory
A runtime adaptable search processor is disclosed. The search processor provides high speed content search capability to meet the performance need of network line rates growing to 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps and higher. he search processor provides a unique combination of NFA and DFA based search engines that can process incoming data in parallel to perform the search against the specific rules programmed in the search engines. The processor architecture also provides capabilities to transport and process Internet Protocol (IP) packets from Layer 2 through transport protocol layer and may also provide packet inspection through Layer 7. Further, a runtime adaptable processor is coupled to the protocol processing hardware and may be dynamically adapted to perform hardware tasks as per the needs of the network traffic being sent or received and/or the policies programmed or services or applications being supported. A set of engines may perform pass-through packet classification, policy processing and/or security processing enabling packet streaming through the architecture at nearly the full line rate. A high performance content search and rules processing security processor is disclosed which may be used for application layer and network layer security. scheduler schedules packets to packet processors for processing. An internal memory or local session database cache stores a session information database for a certain number of active sessions. The session information that is not in the internal memory is stored and retrieved to/from an additional memory. An application running on an initiator or target can in certain instantiations register a region of memory, which is made available to its peer(s) for access directly without substantial host intervention through RDMA data transfer. A security system is also disclosed that enables a new way of implementing security capabilities inside enterprise networks in a distributed manner using a protocol processing hardware with appropriate security features.

Integrated active flux microfluidic devices and methods

InactiveUS6767706B2Rapid and complete exposureQuick and accurate and inexpensive analysisBioreactor/fermenter combinationsFlow mixersAntigenHybridization probe
The invention relates to a microfabricated device for the rapid detection of DNA, proteins or other molecules associated with a particular disease. The devices and methods of the invention can be used for the simultaneous diagnosis of multiple diseases by detecting molecules (e.g. amounts of molecules), such as polynucleotides (e.g., DNA) or proteins (e.g., antibodies), by measuring the signal of a detectable reporter associated with hybridized polynucleotides or antigen/antibody complex. In the microfabricated device according to the invention, detection of the presence of molecules (i.e., polynucleotides, proteins, or antigen/antibody complexes) are correlated to a hybridization signal from an optically-detectable (e.g. fluorescent) reporter associated with the bound molecules. These hybridization signals can be detected by any suitable means, for example optical, and can be stored for example in a computer as a representation of the presence of a particular gene. Hybridization probes can be immobilized on a substrate that forms part of or is exposed to a channel or channels of the device that form a closed loop, for circulation of sample to actively contact complementary probes. Universal chips according to the invention can be fabricated not only with DNA but also with other molecules such as RNA, proteins, peptide nucleic acid (PNA) and polyamide molecules.

Methods and apparatus providing electronic messages that are linked and aggregated

A method for associating related electronic messages in computer storage. A first transportable application is created and stored. User input requesting creation of a link from the first transportable application to another transportable application is received. User input that selects a second transportable application from among a plurality of previously created transportable applications is received. A link from the first transportable application to the second transportable application is created and stored. As a result, transportable application may be inter-related in complex message webs. The message webs may also be inter-related in message web rings. Links may be generated manually or automatically, based on context, workflow processes, or other known relationships among applications. Recipient lists and data may propagate among fields of linked transportable applications, directly or according to abstract business rules. Further, multiple-part electronic messages are disclosed. A graphical user interface of an electronic messaging system displays a message in the form of one or more header portions and one or more body portions. Each of the body portions has a selection region. While one body portion is visible at a given time, all the selection regions are continuously visible in the user interface to facilitate selection of any of the body portions at a particular time. Selecting a selection region of a non-displayed body portion causes a server to generate a refreshed user interface that includes the entirety of the selected body portion, and that hides the previously viewed body portion. As a result, a large amount of associated information may be combined in a single message in a way that is clearly organized and easily accessible.

Packet Sampling Flow-Based Detection of Network Intrusions

InactiveUS20050210533A1Accurate and reliable methodEnhanced wide-area IDS solutionMemory loss protectionDigital data processing detailsTraffic volumeClient-side
A flow-based intrusion detection system for detecting intrusions in computer communication networks. Data packets representing communications between hosts in a computer-to-computer communication network are processed and assigned to various client / server flows. Statistics are collected for each flow. Then, the flow statistics are analyzed to determine if the flow appears to be legitimate traffic or possible suspicious activity. A concern index value is assigned to each flow that appears suspicious. By assigning a value to each flow that appears suspicious and adding that value to the total concern index of the responsible host, it is possible to identify hosts that are engaged in intrusion activity. When the concern index value of a host exceeds a preset alarm value, an alert is issued and appropriate action can be taken.

Surface preparation prior to deposition on germanium

Methods are provided for treating germanium surfaces in preparation for subsequent deposition, particularly gate dielectric deposition by atomic layer deposition (ALD). Prior to depositing, the germanium surface is treated with plasma products or thermally reacted with vapor reactants. Examples of surface treatments leave oxygen bridges, nitrogen bridges, —OH, —NH and / or —NH2 terminations that more readily adsorb ALD reactants. The surface treatments avoid deep penetration of the reactants into the germanium bulk but improve nucleation.

Distributed real time speech recognition system

InactiveUS20050080625A1Facilitates query recognitionAccurate best responseNatural language translationData processing applicationsFull text searchTime system
A real-time system incorporating speech recognition and linguistic processing for recognizing a spoken query by a user and distributed between client and server, is disclosed. The system accepts user's queries in the form of speech at the client where minimal processing extracts a sufficient number of acoustic speech vectors representing the utterance. These vectors are sent via a communications channel to the server where additional acoustic vectors are derived. Using Hidden Markov Models (HMMs), and appropriate grammars and dictionaries conditioned by the selections made by the user, the speech representing the user's query is fully decoded into text (or some other suitable form) at the server. This text corresponding to the user's query is then simultaneously sent to a natural language engine and a database processor where optimized SQL statements are constructed for a full-text search from a database for a recordset of several stored questions that best matches the user's query. Further processing in the natural language engine narrows the search to a single stored question. The answer corresponding to this single stored question is next retrieved from the file path and sent to the client in compressed form. At the client, the answer to the user's query is articulated to the user using a text-to-speech engine in his or her native natural language. The system requires no training and can operate in several natural languages.

Impact tool and method of controlling impact tool

ActiveUS20150336249A1High rotational speedReduce sizeDerricks/mastsSpannersSemiconductorDuty cycle
An impact tool includes: a motor; a trigger; a controller configured to control driving power supplied to the motor using a semiconductor switching element according to an operation of the trigger; a striking mechanism configured to drive a tip tool continuously or intermittently by rotation force of the motor, the striking mechanism including a hammer and an anvil. The controller drives the semiconductor switching element at a high duty ratio when the trigger is manipulated. The motor is driven so that the duty ratio is lowered before a first striking of the hammer on the anvil is performed and the first striking is performed at a low duty ratio lower than the high duty ratio.
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