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Method and system for predicting communication delays of detailed application workloads

A method and system for generating a communication model are disclosed. The communication model is used to provide performance information on the use of communication networks by application code. The expected utilization of resources is important to when high performance is to be achieved in both cluster computing environments and information power GRIDs.
The disclosed method and system is designed to generate a model of an underlying network topology using detailed workload information, which encapsulates the expected computation/communication requirements of an application. Such workload information may be obtained from a number of different sources. Furthermore, the disclosed method provides detailed information of the expected use of a network system unlike traditional communication models that rely on statistical information and provide general performance information.
The disclosed method is a hybrid model containing statistical model information as well as steps for simulating the main stages that change the state of the communication network traffic. As such, the evaluation time is orders of magnitude quicker than traditional methods, while providing predictions, which are of reasonable accuracy. The characteristics of different networks can be easily incorporated into the model, and thus the model can be used in a variety of situations. The output of the model is the expected delay of a set of communications, which can be further, expanded into a suitable trace format and visualized for further investigation. In evaluation tests, the disclosed method and system provides predictions which are more accurate than simple regression models while requiring seconds of CPU processing time.

Transmission apparatus and method for use in mobile communication system based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing scheme

A transmitter for a mobile communication system based on an OFDM scheme and a method for controlling the same. The transmitter can implement a characteristic of a multiple access scheme based on an OFDM scheme, a characteristic of a CDMA scheme, and a characteristic of a frequency hopping scheme which has very strong resistance to the frequency selective fading. An apparatus for transmitting information bit sequences from a BS (Base Station) transmitter to different users, includes a plurality of channelizers for dividing a single frame of information bit sequences to be transmitted to individual users into a plurality of times according to a given time interval, simultaneously transmitting the information bit sequences to the individual users within the plurality of division times, dividing the information bit sequences, spreading the divided information bit sequences using different Walsh codes, converting the spread information bit sequences into a single sequence associated with the individual users, and outputting the single sequence; and a frequency hopper for dividing the single sequence, distributing the spread information bit sequences over a plurality of bandwidths capable of mapping-processing the spread information bit sequences with sub-carrier frequencies, and preventing each of the bandwidths from overlapping with time-frequency cells given by the given time interval.

Precoding MU-MIMO (Multiuser-Multiple Input Multiple Output) indoor visible light communication system based on white light LED (Light-emitting Diode)

The invention discloses a precoding MU-MIMO indoor visible light communication system based on a white light LED. The system comprises a transmitting terminal device and a plurality of user terminals, wherein the transmitting terminal device comprises an input signal processing unit and a plurality of white light LED light sources that are respectively connected with the input signal processing unit. Each white light LED light source comprises a drive circuit, a brightness control circuit, and an LED array. Each user terminal comprises a signal outputting and processing unit and at least one light receiver connected with the signal outputting and processing module. The input signal processing unit comprises a modulating circuit and a precoding module, wherein the modulating circuit modulates a to-be-transmitted signal and then outputs the signal to the precoding module; and the precoding module is used for solving a precoding matrix according to state information of a signal channel and precoding the modulated signal. The signal outputting and processing unit comprises am amplifier module, a decoding module and a demodulating circuit. The precoding MU-MIMO indoor visible light communication system based on the white light LED can completely avoid the multiuser interference and effectively reduce the complexity of a receiving terminal.
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