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Fast positioning device for derrick moving

The invention belongs to the field of petroleum equipment, and particularly relates to a fast positioning device for derrick moving. The fast positioning device for derrick moving is characterized inthat a derrick supporting seat can move in the transverse direction and the longitudinal direction of a chassis vehicle, and the derrick supporting seat integrates a blowout preventer group; and the blowout preventer group can lift, move and rotate around the center of the blowout preventer group, and a lifting cylinder of a derrick is supported on the derrick supporting seat, moves along with thesupporting seat and keeps unchanged relative to the position of the derrick. According to the fast positioning device for derrick moving, well opening aligning is conducted by adjusting the front, back, left and right positions of the derrick on a vehicle, fast and accurate positioning is achieved, in conclusion, a derrick supporting seat structure has the advantages of being reasonable in design, convenient and reliable to use, precise in positioning, automated in control and the like, the derrick can be fast aligned with a well opening, meanwhile, the well opening blowout preventer group isfixed to a fast positioning device, a telescopic liquid cylinder is collected during transported, the blowout preventer group is transported along with the vehicle, the efficiency of workover preparation work is improved, and the labor intensity of operators is reduced.

Subsea wellbore drilling system for reducing bottom hole pressure

InactiveUS6854532B2Easy to deployFaster and effective subsea downhole operationDrilling rodsConstructionsDelivery systemBottom hole assembly
The present invention provides drilling systems for drilling subsea wellbores. The drilling system includes a tubing that passes through a sea bottom wellhead and carries a drill bit. A drilling fluid system continuously supplies drilling fluid into the tubing, which discharges at the drill bit bottom and returns to the wellhead through an annulus between the tubing and the wellbore carrying the drill cuttings. A fluid return line extending from the wellhead equipment to the drilling vessel transports the returning fluid to the surface. In a riserless arrangement, the return fluid line is separate and spaced apart from the tubing. In a system using a riser, the return fluid line may be the riser or a separate line carried by the riser. The tubing may be coiled tubing with a drilling motor in the bottom hole assembly driving the drill bit. A suction pump coupled to the annulus is used to control the bottom hole pressure during drilling operations, making it possible to use heavier drilling muds and drill to greater depths than would be possible without the suction pump. An optional delivery system continuously injects a flowable material, whose fluid density is less than the density of the drilling fluid, into the returning fluid at one or more suitable locations the rate of such lighter material can be controlled to provide supplementary regulation of the pressure. Various pressure, temperature, flow rate and kick sensors included in the drilling system provide signals to a controller that controls the suction pump, the surface mud pump, a number of flow control devices, and the optional delivery system.

Drilling Tool Steering Device

ActiveUS20090166089A1Shorten the lengthReliable and economical to manufactureDrilling rodsDerricks/mastsRelative displacementDrive shaft
The invention concerns a drilling tool steering device, characterized in that it contains, consecutively from upstream to downstream, a main body (1) and a steerable housing (2), joined respectively by at least one connection of pivot, sliding pivot, ball joint or annular linear type forming a first bearing (4), and at least one pivot connection forming a second bearing (5), to a bendable or flexible transmission shaft (3) which crosses them longitudinally, while a connection of pivot, sliding pivot, annular linear or ball joint type forming a third bearing (6) between said transmission shaft and the main body (1) is arranged in proximity to the end of said main body situated in the direction of the steerable case, and while steering is carried out thanks to means acting as a deflection system (7) for the essentially radial relative displacement of the main body (1) in relation to the steerable housing (2) in proximity to their interface, the said main body being optionally equipped on its periphery with bearing pads (9) of diameter less than or equal to the diameter of the drilling tool/bit (16), and the said steerable case being optionally equipped on its periphery with bearing pads (10a) of diameter less than or equal to the diameter of the drilling tool/bit (16) toward its end situated in the direction of the drilling tool/bit, and with fixed or expandable pads or clamps toward its end situated in the direction of the main body (1). Application to boreholes necessitating trajectory control.
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