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Service searching system

A service searching system for searching a service in a distributed system comprises a wireless server device and a wireless terminal device. The wireless server device is connected to a network and implements a master search service. On the other hand, the wireless terminal device implements a slave search service, and is capable of communicating with the server by wireless and utilizing the master search service. Besides, the wireless terminal device comprises a storage means that caches service objects obtained through the master search service. In addition, in searching the slave search service for a service, the wireless terminal device begins by searching the service objects cached in the storage means. In the case where the service is not detected, the wireless terminal device searches the master search service. The service objects are cached by being related to priority data. Thereby, there is provided a service searching system comprising a wireless terminal device, which is intended to search for a service in a distributed system in which a range of services are distributed in a network, wherein it is possible to cut down a service-searching time and costs, and further, it is possible to cut down communication interruptions by noise etc. in the wireless communication section compared to the conventional one.

Machine learning of document templates for data extraction

The present system can perform machine learning of prototypical descriptions of data elements for extraction from machine-readable documents. Document templates are created from sets of training documents that can be used to extract data from form documents, such as: fill-in forms used for taxes; flex-form documents having many variants, such as bills of lading or insurance notifications; and some context-form documents having a description or graphic indicator in proximity to a data element. In response to training documents, the system performs an inductive reasoning process to generalize a document template so that the location of data elements can be predicted for the training examples. The automatically generated document template can then be used to extract data elements from a wide variety of form documents.

Premixing mortar with high moisture retention and production method thereof

The invention discloses pre-stirring mortar with high moisture retention and a production method thereof. The premixing mortar comprises the following components by weight ratio: 100 parts of cement with the high moisture retention, 1 to 900 parts of fine aggregate and 30 to 200 parts of water, wherein the cement with the high moisture retention contains a cellulose ether component and has the moisture retention above 90 percent; and the fine aggregate is natural sand or artificial sand obtain through screen sizing or removing harmful components, and has the maximum grain diameter of 1.18 mm to 2.36 mm. The production method comprises the following steps: arranging a mortar stirring machine on a construction site or nearby; adopting the cement with the high moisture retention and the fine aggregate to automatically meter and stir, enable mortar to be usable while stirring, and the like to ensure the mortar quality; and adopting a closed stirring mode, a dust-collecting mode and the like to reduce dust raise. The pre-stirring mortar can effectively improve and ensure the qualities of the mortar buildings, obviously improves the construction environment, greatly decreases the production cost of the pre-stirring mortar and solves the difficult problems that the prior pre-stirring mortar has over-high cost and are difficult to popularize and apply.

Wheel type mobile fruit picking robot and fruit picking method

The invention discloses a picking method and picking robot device aiming at fruits which are in size of an apple and is similar to a sphere. The picking robot device comprises a mechanical actuating device, control system hardware and control system software. The mechanical actuating device comprises a picking mechanical arm, an underactuated manipulator, an electric sliding table and an intelligent mobile platform, wherein the control system hardware comprises an IPC (industrial personal computer), a motion control card, a data acquisition card, an AHRS (attitude and heading reference system), a coder, a monocular camera, a binocular camera, a force sensor, a slipping sensor and the like. During operation, the IPC fuses information of the coder, the AHRS, monocular camera components and an ultrasonic sensor to enable the mobile platform to independently navigate and avoid obstacles. A binocular vision system collects images of mature fruits and obstacles and extracts the characteristics of the images so as to realize obstacle avoidance of the mechanical arm and fruit positioning. Finally, the IPC fuses the information of the force sensor, the slipping sensor and the position sensor, thereby further reliably gripping the mature fruits and separating the fruits from fruit branches.

Automatic-navigation crawler-type mobile fruit picking robot and fruit picking method

The invention discloses an automatic-navigation crawler-type mobile fruit picking robot which comprises a mechanical execution system and a control system and is characterized in that the mechanical execution system comprises an intelligent movable platform, a fruit picking mechanical arm and a two-finger type manipulator, wherein the intelligent movable platform comprises two crawler assemblies, an experimental facility fixing rack, a supporting stand column, a cross beam, a speed reducer and the like; and the control system comprises an industrial personal computer, a motion control card, a data collecting card, an image collecting card, an encoder, a GPS (global position system), a monocular zooming camera assembly, a binocular camera, a laser ranging sensor, a control circuit and the like. The automatic-navigation crawler-type mobile fruit picking robot integrates the fruit picking mechanical arm, the two-finger type manipulator, the intelligent movable platform and the sensor system, integrates multiple key technologies such as fruit identification, motion of the picking mechanical arm, grabbing of a tail-end executer, automatic navigation and obstacle avoidance of the movable platform, and the like, and really realizes automatic and humanized fruit picking.

High-altitude drill positioning method of building

The invention discloses a high-altitude drill positioning method of a building, which comprises a high-altitude marking device, a high-altitude drilling device and a high-altitude tightening device. The high-altitude drill positioning method comprises the following steps that when a plurality of fixing holes need to be drilled in the top surface of the building, the length of an adjustment rod of the high-altitude marking device is adjusted to be equal to the distance between any two fixing holes; a support rod of the high-altitude marking device is adjusted, so that the altitude from the top end of a marking rod to the ground is equal to the altitude from the fixing holes to the ground; the marking end head is pressed to the top surface, so as to draw marking points of the two fixing holes; the high-altitude drilling device is placed below the fixing holes, and a handle is pressed downward, so that a drill which is fixedly arranged on drilling equipment aligns with the marking points of the fixing holes; the drilling equipment is turned on to drill the holes which conform to a size; one end of an expansion bolt, which is provided with a nut, is inserted into the top end of the high-altitude tightening device; the expansion end of the bolt is inserted into a drilled fixing hole, and then a handle of the high-altitude tightening device is rotated to tighten the expansion bolt; and the steps are repeated, so as to complete the drill tightening operation of the remaining fixing holes. According to the high-altitude drill positioning method, the disadvantages of low construction quality and large difficulty because no reliable application point exists at high altitude are overcome, the construction quality is guaranteed, various potential safety hazards due to high-altitude construction of construction personnel are avoided, and the construction efficiency is greatly increased.

Image denoising method based on generative adversarial networks

The invention provides an image denoising method based on generative adversarial networks, and belongs to the technical field of computer vision. The method comprises the following steps: (1) designing a neural network for estimation for noise intensity of an image containing noises; (2) using image blocks in an image library to add noises of the intensity according to the estimated noise intensity to use the same as samples of training the networks; (3) in network training, designing a new generation network and discrimination network, and adopting a form of fixing the generation network to train the discrimination network and fixing discrimination network parameters to train the generation network to enable the networks to carry out adversarial training; and (4) using the trained generation network as a denoising network, and selecting a network parameter according to a result, which is obtained by the noise recognition network, to denoise the image containing the noises. The methodhas the effects and the advantages that a visual effect of the denoised image is improved without the need for manual intervention for adjusting the parameter, and texture details of the image can bebetter restored.

Node connection device for self-centering prestressed concrete frame

InactiveCN101798849ASolve local pressure problemsEliminate or reduce residual deformationShock proofingResidual deformationWhole body
The invention relates to a node connection device for a self-centering prestressed concrete frame. The node connection device is a device used for the connection between the beam and the column of a prefabricated reinforced concrete frame, and aims at improving energy consumption of a frame structure under seismic action and eliminating or reducing the residual deformation and damage of the frame structure. The connection device is characterized in that combined steel parts form an energy consuming device, two external friction steel plates (3) are arranged in the energy consuming device, are respectively and symmetrically arranged on the two sides of a column end reinforcing steel plate (4) and are connected with the column end reinforcing steel plate (4) into a whole body, two internal friction steel plates (8) are arranged between the two external friction steel plates (3), the upper end and the lower end of each internal friction steel plate (8) are respectively provided with a bean end reinforcing steel plate (5), friction discs (15) are respectively arranged between the two internal friction steel plates (8) and the two external friction steel plates (3), and friction-type high-strength bolts (12) penetrate through the external friction steel plates (3), the friction discs (15), the internal friction steel plates (8) and a prefabricated concrete beam (2) and connect all parts together.

Equipment for manufacturing large-size metal part in high energy beam additive manufacturing mode and control method of equipment

The invention discloses equipment for manufacturing a large-size metal part in a high energy beam additive manufacturing mode and a control method of the equipment. The equipment comprises a work cavity, a worktable, a control system, a high energy beam scanning generator, a powder storage hopper, a powder laying device and a gas purification module, wherein the worktable is composed of a forming cylinder and a powder recycling cylinder, and the upper surface of the forming cylinder and the upper surface of the powder recycling cylinder are coplanar and form a work plane. The control system controls the high energy beam scanning generator and the powder laying device to move opposite to the worktable in the powder laying direction. The equipment for manufacturing the large-size metal part in the high energy beam additive manufacturing mode and the control method of the equipment largely shorten the waiting time caused by pre-installation of a powder bed when a common laser/electron beam selective melting technology is used for processing a part, thereby obviously improving the forming efficiency of high energy beam additive manufacturing. Through the application of the equipment for manufacturing the large-size metal part in the high energy beam additive manufacturing mode and the control method of the equipment, a metal part with a meter-grade size, high performance, high accuracy and a complex structure can be manufactured efficiently and rapidly.

IC full-automatic method for testing brede and full-automatic holding tray type machine for testing brede

The invention discloses an IC automatic detecting braiding method and an automatic pallet type detecting braiding machine, comprising a pallet-transport device, a braiding packing device, a waste materials collecting device. A PC control system and an electrical control system as well as a pallet-separate device are arranged on the front end of the pallet transport device and an empty pallet-collect device is arranged on the back end. The braiding lead direction of the braiding packing device is vertical to the pallet-transport direction of the pallet-transport device. A face side scan device and a back side device for detecting IC as well as a catch-and-put device for catching IC from the pallet are orderly arranged in the transportation range of the pallet-transport device. The catch-and-put device is electrically connected with the PC control system and the electrical control system and is a classification catch-and-put device which can classify the ICs according to the detecting results of the face side scan device and the back side device and then send the eligible ICs to the braiding packing device and the unqualified ICs to the waste materials collecting device. The braiding machine has the advantages of good accuracy and reliability for scanning and detecting, rapid speed for braiding and packing, low composite cost and high production efficiency.

Control method of softness of oxide scales on surface of hot-rolling strip steel

The invention provides a control method of softness of oxide scales on the surface of hot-rolling strip steel, belonging to the technical field of metallurgy. The method comprises the following steps: smelting liquid steel and continuously casting into plate blanks, heating and conducting thermal insulation on the plate blanks, then descaling, and rough rolling; and descaling again, and then finish rolling, wherein the initial rolling temperature is 1020-1070 DEG C, the finish rolling temperature is 870-920 DEG C, the rolling reduction is 75-95%, and the rolling speed is 3.5-12 m / s; cooling to 500-650 DEG C at the speed of 8-25 DEG C / s; and coiling. Aiming to different oxide scales structures, a hot-rolling process regulation scheme is provided in the method. In the hot-rolling process regulation scheme, by controlling the cooling speed and coiling temperature and the degree of a eutectoid reaction of FeO, reasonable control of the structure of the oxide scales is achieved, and loss of mechanical properties of products, which is caused by high temperature rolling, is compensated. The production efficiency is improved by using the existing devices and process conditions in a steel plant, surface quality is improved on the premise of ensuring mechanical properties of the steel plate and flexible production of oxide scale control.

User selection method in a zero-forcing beamforming algorithm

In a method for selecting a transmission target terminal in a zero-forcing beamforming algorithm, information about a channel capacity of each terminal is received from all K terminals. A terminal with a largest channel capacity is selected as an initial transmission target terminal. A determination is made as to whether the number of currently selected terminals, i, is equal to the predefined number N. If the number of currently selected terminals, i, is different from the predefined number N, information about channel capacities of remaining terminals except previously selected transmission target terminals is received until i is equal to N and a terminal with a largest channel capacity is selected as a transmission target terminal.

Knowledge graph-based interactive question and answer method and system

The invention discloses a knowledge graph-based interactive question and answer method and system. The method comprises the steps of constructing a knowledge graph, wherein data in the knowledge graphis from multiple open-source information sources; according to existing entities in the knowledge graph, forming a dictionary, forming mapping from a name to a professional field through a manual tagging method, and performing expansion in a conventional feature modeling mode to form a professional dictionary; according to the data in the knowledge graph, forming mapping from the entities to a training set of the field through the manual tagging method to establish a classifier; according to the professional dictionary, performing word segmentation on a natural question sentence through a forward maximum matching method, and according to results after word segmentation, inputting the results to the classifier for performing classification, thereby classifying the natural question sentenceinto questions in different fields; and mapping the classified questions to obtain corresponding question templates, and converting the question templates into query sub-graphs in the knowledge graph. Answer can be performed for sentences of more complex questions, so that the answer quality can be ensured and the manual intervention is effectively reduced.
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