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Aqueous compositions, aqueous cutting fluid using the same, method for preparation thereof, and cutting method using the cutting fluid

An aqueous cutting fluid which can reduce the impact on working environment and the global environment, and can achieve both preventing precipitates from becoming a hard cake and keeping high dispersibility for abrasive grains is provided. Such an aqueous cutting fluid is obtained by a method comprising dispersing abrasive grains (G) in an aqueous composition comprising a dispersion medium (M) containing a hydrophilic alcohol compound such as ethylene glycol, a lipophilic alcohol compound such as propylene glycol and water, and silica colloid particles dispersed stably in the medium. The dispersion medium (M) is odorless and not flammable. The abrasive grains (G) may settle out after a time, but they do not closely contact with one another, and therefore the resulting precipitates do not become a hard cake, which allows the re-dispersion and reuse of precipitated grains. The instant aqueous cutting fluid is inherently low viscous, and the reduction of viscosity owing to the contamination of water and the increase of viscosity owing to contamination of shavings are both moderate. As a result, the cutting fluid has a long life. And articles which have been cut using the cutting fluid can be washed with water. Further, as the dispersion medium (M) is a biodegradable low molecular weight organic compound, a waste liquid from a process using the cutting fluid can be disposed with an activated sludge.

Processing method of titanium and titanium alloy strip coils

ActiveCN102310314ASolve the shortage of titanium-free surface processing technologyImprove processing efficiencyWork treatment devicesMetal rolling arrangementsSingle plateTitanium
The invention provides a processing method of titanium and titanium alloy strip coils, which comprises the steps of raw material preparation, heating, rolling, annealing, shot blasting treatment, coping, pickling, cold rolling, derosination, annealing, straightening or flattening, edge scraping, and product obtaining. According to the method, existing large steel rolling equipment of various types in the steel processing industry is fully utilized, the defect that no titanium material surface processing and treatment technology exists in the steel processing industry is overcome, the advantages of the steel processing industry are combined with the uniqueness of the titanium material processing industry, and the essential leap of titanium material processing from single plate rolling to long strip rolling plus collection and coiling is completed. By using the method, goods can be delivered in a coiled state as well as a flat plate state, the titanium material processing efficiency is improved, the titanium material processing yield is increased, and conditions are created and high quality raw materials are provided for the processing of titanium welded pipes with various diametersand longer lengths, so high efficiency, energy conservation and economization of titanium material processing are realized.

X80 level large-deformation resistance pipe line steel medium and heavy plate production method

The invention relates to a method for producing an X80 grade large deformation resistant pipeline steel medium plate. The economic component design with low carbon is adopted to perform controlling and rolling stages on ingot, namely rolling the grain refined zone and the non grain refined zone. The method comprises: firstly, air cooling and relaxing after finished rolling is performed so that the temperature of a steel plate before entering water and cooled is reduced below the phase change point Ar3 between 30 and 50 DEG C, and 50 to 70 percent of austenite in the relaxing process is converted into proeutectoid ferrite; and secondly, laminar flow cooling is performed on the steel plate within the range of the cooling speed between 20 and 35 DEG C per second, the finished cooling temperature is controlled within the range of between 250 and 400 DEG C; and in the water cooling process, the remaining austenite is converted into bainite structure, and proeutectoid ferrite + bainite double-phase structure is obtained. The intensity and the plasticity index of the finished product satisfy the following requirements: the yield strength Rt0.5 is 530 to 630MPa, the intensity of tension Rm is 625 to 825 MPa, the yield ratio Rt0.5/Rm is less than or equal to 0.80, and the homogeneous deformation tensile stretch UEL is more than or equal to 10 percent.

Rolling production method capable of reducing hardness of 42CrMo

The invention belongs to the field of production machining of special steel of the metallurgical industry, and relates to a rolling production method capable of reducing hardness of 42CrMo. A 42CrMo casting blank serves as a raw material, and the method sequentially comprises following working procedures of heating, descaling, a rough rolling, cooling after rough rolling, continuous rolling, through water cooling, bar reducing sizing mill finish rolling, cooling bed cooling and finally obtaining a finished product bar; by the adoption of the technology, the site operation is simple, online automatic control is easily achieved, and operation labor intensity of a worker is reduced; through the online controlled rolling controlled cold technology, straightness of the 42CrMo steel grade is greatly improved; the subsequent heat treatment technology (annealing technology) is reduced, production cost is saved, the production period is shortened, and the steel market competitiveness is improved; the hardness value range of the obtained 42CrMo steel ranges from 220 HBW to 260 HBW; a metallographic structure comprises ferrite and pearlite; the banded structure is smaller than or equal to 2 levels; the grain size is larger than or equal to 8 levels; and the mechanical property can meet the national standard and user needs.

Method for producing ferritic stainless steel bands with roughened surfaces through cold continuous rolling

A method for producing ferritic stainless steel bands with roughened surfaces through cold continuous rolling comprises that (1), a five-rack serial type cold continuous rolling is performed, a five-rack serial type cold continuous rolling unit is adopted, the diameter of a working roll of each rolling mill is 300-500mm, and endless rolling is performed; the roughness degrees of the rolls of the first rack to the fourth rack are in a range of 0.5-1.0mum and decrease sequentially; the working roll of the fifth rack is subjected to roughening and chromium plating treatment; an emulsion lubrication rolling mode is adopted, the temperature of an emulsion is 50-60DEG C, the emulsion is sprayed to roll gaps for cooling and lubricating, the temperature of cold-rolled band steel is controlled below 150DEG C; the accumulated reduction rate of the first rack to the fourth rack is larger than 60%, the reduction rate of the fifth rack is in a range of 4-10%, and the roughness of the cold-rolled band steel is controlled in a range of 0.5-1.0mum; (2), the cold-rolled band steel is subjected to annealing acid picking treatment, heating and annealing are performed in a continuous horizontal gas furnace, the annealing temperature is in a range of 800-1000DEG C, and recrystallization of the band steel is finished; finished surfaces are obtained finally through electrolytic picking by Na2SO4 and H2SO4 solutions and soaking picking by a nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid mixed acid solution sequentially after annealing.

Preparation method of high-performance thin clad titanium/steel compound plates

The invention discloses a preparation method of high-performance thin clad titanium/steel compound plates, and the method comprises the following steps: step 1) performing treatment on the surface to be compounded of a steel plate and the surface to the compounded of a titanium plate through a mechanical method, removing defects on the surfaces to be compounded and then washing the surfaces to be compounded of the steel plate and the titanium plate clean through an organic solvent; 2) assembling the steel plate and the titanium plate after cleaning into a rolled compact; 3) heating the rolled compact to 780 DEG C-880 DEG C and performing heat insulation for 20 min-180min; 4) sending the rolled compact after heat insulation into a rolling machine for rolling, and cooling to get the compound plate; 5) performing heat treatment on the compound plate; 6) leveling, and then cutting off the head, the tail and a weld joint part so as to get two titanium/steel compound plates, wherein the thickness of clad titanium of each titanium/steel compound plate is not more than 3.0mm, and the shear strength is not less than 180MPa. The method disclosed by the invention is simple and very easy to prepare thin clads, in particular to the titanium/steel compound plates with the clad thickness of less than 3.0mm.

Cold metal plate strip cold continuous rolling production line and production method

InactiveCN102172835AImprove the effect of energy saving and emission reductionIncrease flexibilityWork treatment devicesOther manufacturing equipments/toolsProduction lineEngineering
The invention relates to a cold metal plate strip cold continuous rolling production line, which comprises at least uncoiling machine (1), a plate strip head and tail cutting machine (2), welding equipment (17), a stretching and straightening device (4), at least one jet flow descaling unit (5), tension rolls (11), a trimming device (15), randomly selected cold continuous rolling machine set (9), flying shears (7), a coiling machine (8), and a movable sleeve device, wherein the stretching and straightening device (4) comprises at least two tension roll groups (11) and a bending roll group (12); the tension roll groups (11) are arranged in front and at back of the jet flow descaling unit (5) respectively; and the movable sleeve device is only welded between the welding equipment and the stretching and straightening device (4). When the continuous type metal plate strip cold continuous rolling production line and a high-pressure jet flow descaling mode are improved, the productivity of the cold continuous rolling line is improved obviously, the environmental-protection control index of the cold rolling process segment is obviously improved, and the floor area and maintenance cost of the production line are reduced.
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