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Water pipes are pipes or tubes, frequently made of polyvinyl chloride, ductile iron, steel, cast iron, polypropylene, polyethylene, copper, or lead, that carry pressurized and treated fresh water to buildings, as well as inside the building.

Combined steam and gas turbine engine with magnetic transmission

In a combined steam and gas turbine engine cycle, a combustion chamber is made durable against high pressure and enlarged in length to increase the operation pressure ratio, without exceeding the heat durability temperature of the system while increasing the fuel combustion gas mass flow four times as much as the conventional turbine system and simultaneously for greatly raising the thermal efficiency of the system and specific power of the combined steam and gas turbine engine.Water pipes and steam pipes are arranged inside the combustion chamber so that the combustion chamber can function as a heat exchanger and thereby convert most of the combustion thermal energy into super-critical steam energy for driving a steam turbine and subsequently raising the operation pressure ratio and the thermal efficiencies of the steam turbine cycle and gas turbine cycle. The combustion gas mass flow can be also increased by four times as much as the conventional turbine system (up to the theoretical air to fuel ratio) and the thermal efficiency and the specific power of the gas turbine cycle are considerably increased.Further, the thermal efficiency of the combined system is improved by installing a magnetic friction power transmission system to transmit the power of the system to outer loads.

Heating system of power battery of pure electric automobile and control method thereof

The invention aims to provide a heating system of a power battery of a pure electric automobile and a control method thereof, which are used for eliminating the influence of low temperature on the performance of the power battery of the pure electric automobile to ensure that the pure electric automobile can be used in severe cold areas in winter. The heating system comprises a battery heating device which is arranged in a battery pack, wherein the battery heating device is provided with a hollow radiating fin; and the radiating fin is provided with a water inlet and a water outlet. The heating system is characterized by also comprising an auxiliary heater, wherein the auxiliary heater is connected with a fuel supply device; a heat exchanger is arranged in the auxiliary heater; the water inlet of the heat exchanger is communicated with the water outlet of an expansion water tank by a water pump and a water pipe; the water outlet of the heat exchanger is communicated with the water inlet of the radiating fin by an electric control valve; the water outlet of the radiating fine is communicated with the water inlet of the expansion water tank; the electric control valve, the auxiliary heater and the water pump are connected with a vehicle controller and are controlled by the vehicle controller; and the vehicle controller is also connected with a battery management system.

Solar energy storage and utilization device

A solar energy storage and utilization device comprises a metal inner container, a collecting lens, an energy storage tank and a water storage tank. A transparent vacuum tube is arranged outside the metal inner container; the bottom of the water storage tank and the bottom of the metal inner container are communicated through a water pipe I, the upper portion in the metal inner container and the bottom of the water storage tank are connected through a steam pipe I, and an exhaust pipe and a water supplementing pipe are arranged on the energy storage tank. According to the solar energy storage and utilization device, the transparent vacuum tube layer is arranged outside the metal inner container, received solar energy is stopped from being lost and thus the utilization rate of solar energy is substantially increased; meanwhile, the water storage tank and the energy storage tank are arranged so that solar energy received in good weather is stored in the energy storage tank in the form of high temperature and high pressure water and utilized in bad weather, the situation that an existing solar energy utilization device depends a lot on weather conditions is eliminated, and the application range of the solar energy utilization device is widened.

Energy-saving dish-washing machine

The invention discloses an energy-saving dish-washing machine, which comprises a cavity, a spray system and a pump body, wherein the spray system is arranged in the cavity; a pumping end of the pump body communicates with the cavity and a water supply end communicates with the spray system; the spray system comprises an inner water pipe and more than two sets of spray devices; the more than two sets of spray devices are arranged on the inner water pipe; the water supply end of the pump body is connected with a water division system; the water division system is provided with more than two water outlets corresponding to the more than two sets of spray devices; the spray devices communicate with the corresponding water outlets; the water division device conducts more than one water outlet according to an instruction during working and more than one set of spray device carries out cleaning work. Through the arrangement of the more than two sets of spray devices, the dish-washing machine is capable of specifically cleaning tableware in different areas to meet different operation requirements of users, so that water and electricity are saved; and the water division device is capable of controlling one or more than two sets of spray devices to work, so that the combination modes are diverse and the operation requirements of the users are further met.

Ultrasonic waterjet apparatus

An ultrasonic waterjet apparatus (10) has a mobile generator module (20) and a high-pressure water hose (40) for delivering high-pressure water from the mobile generator module (20) to a hand-held gun (50) with a trigger and an ultrasonic nozzle (60). An ultrasonic generator in the mobile generator module (20) transmits high-frequency electrical pulses to a piezoelectric or magnetostrictive transducer (62) which vibrates to modulate a high-pressure waterjet flowing through the nozzle (60). The waterjet exiting the ultrasonic nozzle (60) is pulsed into mini slugs of water, each of which imparts a waterhammer pressure on a target surface. The ultrasonic waterjet apparatus (10) may be used to cut and de-burr materials, to clean and de-coat surfaces, and to break rocks. The ultrasonic waterjet apparatus (10) performs these tasks with much greater efficiency than conventional continuous-flow waterjet systems because of the repetitive waterhammer effect. A nozzle with multiple exit orifices or a rotating nozzle (76) may be provided in lieu of a nozzle with a single exit orifice to render cleaning and de-coating large surfaces more efficient. A water dump valve (27) and controlling solenoid are located in the mobile generator module (20) rather than the gun (50) to make the gun lighter and more ergonomic.

Atomizing dish washing machine

The invention discloses a domestic atomizing dish washing machine and a commercial atomizing dish washing machine. When dishes are washed by the domestic atomizing dish washing machine, a drawer-type dish basket with a door lock opened is pulled out of the dish washing machine. Dirty tableware is placed in the drawer-type dish basket, the drawer-type dish basket is pushed into the dish washing machine, a running button is pressed, and tap water flows into an inner tank through a water inlet electromagnetic valve and then flows into a water tank. After the water tank is full, the water inlet electromagnetic valve is closed. A fan is started, a water pump is started, and a power supply heating pipe is connected. Air blown by the fan passes through an air outlet condensation pipe, an ozone generation device, an electric heating wire and an opened and connected air outlet electromagnetic valve to enter an air outlet pipe, and then the air passes through an upper air pipe to be blown out from an air outlet of a capillary air pipe in a conical nozzle of a rotary spray arm. Water pumped by the water pump is filtered by a filter screen to enter a water outlet pipe through a water outlet electromagnetic valve and finally enters the conical nozzle of the capillary air pipe to be mixed with the air blown out from the air outlet of the capillary air pipe to be sprayed out from the conical nozzle in atomizing mode to wash dishes. The atomizing dish washing machine further has the functions of drying, sterilizing and automatically putting in dish washing powder.

Indoor analog experiment device for roadbed slope erosion

The invention discloses an indoor analog experiment device for roadbed slope erosion. The indoor analog experiment device comprises a movable liftable slope analog device and an artificial rainfall analog device, wherein the movable liftable slope analog device comprises a base device, a panel groove device and a slope gradient adjusting device, the base device and the panel groove device are connected together through a movable hinge, and the panel groove device can rotate freely around the hinge; the artificial rainfall analog device comprises a water supply device, a support device and a spraying device, the water supply device comprises a water supply pool, a water pipe, a water pump, an adjusting valve, a branch valve and a hydrometric propeller, the support device comprises movable wheels, an expansion bracket, a transverse support rod and a longitudinal support rod, and the spraying device comprises a water guide pipe and a prayer head. According to the indoor analog experiment device, a large amount of roadbed slope erosion data is obtained under different working conditions and different rainfall conditions within a short period of time. The indoor analog experiment device is simple in structure, convenient to operate, safe and reliable, low in cost and high in efficiency, and is convenient to popularize and apply.
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