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Resin inner member-provided grommet

A locking claw (23a) to be locked to a through-hole (H) projects outwardly from a peripheral wall (21) of a resinous inner member (20). At least one pair of locking holes (24) is formed on a locking flange part (22) projecting from the peripheral wall (21). An annular concavity (12a) (13a), on which the locking flange part (22) fits, is formed on an inner peripheral surface of a large-diameter cylindrical part (12, 13). Locking projections (12a-1, 13a-1) project from a leading end of a side wall of the annular concavity (12a, 13a). The locking projections (12a-1, 13a-1) are inserted into and locked with the locking holes (24). Locking claws (123a-126a) project from the resinous inner member (120) and are locked to a through-hole (H1) of the body panel (P1). A pair of flexible locking pieces (123-126), to be locked to the body panel (P1), project from each of a shorter side and a longer side of an elliptic peripheral wall (121) of the resinous inner member (120) projecting from an open end of the large-diameter cylindrical part (112, 113). A leading end of the locking pieces (123-126) project outwardly from an intermediate position of an outer surface of the locking pieces (123-126). The locking pieces on the longer side are curved longitudinally to form a circular arc shape.

Combined type stand pipe and modularized installation method thereof

The invention discloses a combined type stand pipe and a modularized installation method thereof for solving the problems of difficult welding, low installation efficiency and low precision of stand pipes in tube wells in the prior art. The combined type stand pipe comprises at least two sections of prefabricated pipe groups; each section of prefabricated pipe group comprises brackets, a plurality of pipelines and a plurality of bracket fixing plates, wherein the pipelines are fixedly arranged on the brackets at intervals; the bracket fixing plates are fixedly arranged on the brackets at intervals; the pipelines are divided into a plurality of units by the bracket fixing plates; the corresponding pipelines of the adjacent fabricated pipe groups are detachably connected; each section of the prefabricated pipe group can be fixed in a tube well through the bracket fixing plates. The combined type stand pipe comprises a plurality of prefabricated pipe groups; compared with the conventional on-site manufacturing and installing technology of a single stand pipe, the industrialized prefabrication of the prefabricated pipe groups reduces the on-site welding, shortens the installation period, reduces the installation difficulty, improves the installation efficiency and precision, avoids cross influences from other construction professional and meets the demand of the environment-friendly construction.
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