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Resin inner member-provided grommet

A locking claw (23a) to be locked to a through-hole (H) projects outwardly from a peripheral wall (21) of a resinous inner member (20). At least one pair of locking holes (24) is formed on a locking flange part (22) projecting from the peripheral wall (21). An annular concavity (12a) (13a), on which the locking flange part (22) fits, is formed on an inner peripheral surface of a large-diameter cylindrical part (12, 13). Locking projections (12a-1, 13a-1) project from a leading end of a side wall of the annular concavity (12a, 13a). The locking projections (12a-1, 13a-1) are inserted into and locked with the locking holes (24). Locking claws (123a-126a) project from the resinous inner member (120) and are locked to a through-hole (H1) of the body panel (P1). A pair of flexible locking pieces (123-126), to be locked to the body panel (P1), project from each of a shorter side and a longer side of an elliptic peripheral wall (121) of the resinous inner member (120) projecting from an open end of the large-diameter cylindrical part (112, 113). A leading end of the locking pieces (123-126) project outwardly from an intermediate position of an outer surface of the locking pieces (123-126). The locking pieces on the longer side are curved longitudinally to form a circular arc shape.

Insulating adhesive film for laminated bus bar and laminated bus bar

The invention relates to an insulating adhesive film for a laminated bus bar. The insulating adhesive film comprises an insulating film layer, and a hardened or semi-hardened adhesion agent layer which coats on the insulating film layer, wherein the thickness of the insulating film layer is 0.025-0.50mm; the thickness of the adhesion agent layer is 0.010-0.1mm; the formula of the adhesion agent layer comprises the following raw materials by weight percent: 20-50% of saturated polyester resin A, 5-30% of saturated polyester resin B, 2-20% of epoxy resin, 1-10% of isocyanate, 20-70% of a fire retardant and 0.05-5% of a dispersing agent; the limiting viscosity of the saturated polyester resin A is 0.2-1.2dl/g; the glass transition temperature Tg is -40 DEG C to 50 DEG C; the limiting viscosity of the saturated polyester resin B is 0.2-1.2dl/g; the glass transition temperature Tg is 51 DEG C to 100 DEG C; and the number-average molecular weight of epoxy resin is 500-70,000. The adhesion agent layer of the insulating adhesive film has the characteristics of after-tack resistance, insulativity, good fire resistance and the like, and has the characteristics of high adhesion with a metal plate, excellent bending processability, cold and hot shock resistance and the like after the laminated bus bar is prepared.


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A grommet mounted in a through-hole in a vehicle body panel and through which a wire harness is passed. Even if taping only one side, the grommet shape is retained and the grommet is prevented from deforming in the direction in which an engaging recess of the grommet separates from the peripheral edge of the through-hole. The grommet comprises: an enlarged-diameter tube which connects to the outer periphery of the longitudinal intermediate section of a small-diameter tube through which wires are tightly passed, and which is enlarged in diameter to surround the other side of the small-diameter tube; an engaging recess which is annularly formed in the outer peripheral surface of the enlarged-diameter tube on the large diameter side thereof; inner ribs provided at intervals in the circumferential direction and connecting between the inner periphery of the enlarged-diameter tube and the outer peripheral surface of the other side of the small-diameter tube; and wire insertion tubes which connect to through-holes for wires formed in the enlarged-diameter tube and which extend through the inside of the enlarged-diameter tube and project from the opening end on the large-diameter side. The inner ribs stick out with a clearance from the inner peripheral surface of the enlarged-diameter tube from the position where the enlarged-diameter tube contacts the inner peripheral surface of the through-hole of the vehicle body panel to a position facing the engaging recess.
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