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Selective lossless, lossy, or no compression of data based on address range, data type, and/or requesting agent

An integrated memory controller (IMC) including MemoryF/X Technology which includes data compression and decompression engines for improved performance. The memory controller (IMC) of the present invention preferably selectively uses a combination of lossless, lossy, and no compression modes. Data transfers to and from the integrated memory controller of the present invention can thus be in a plurality of formats, these being compressed or normal (non-compressed), compressed lossy or lossless, or compressed with a combination of lossy and lossless. The invention also indicates preferred methods for specific compression and decompression of particular data formats such as digital video, 3D textures and image data using a combination of novel lossy and lossless compression algorithms in block or span addressable formats. To improve latency and reduce performance degradations normally associated with compression and decompression techniques, the MemoryF/X Technology encompasses multiple novel techniques such as: 1) parallel lossless compression/decompression; 2) selectable compression modes such as lossless, lossy or no compression; 3) priority compression mode; 4) data cache techniques; 5) variable compression block sizes; 6) compression reordering; and 7) unique address translation, attribute, and address caches. The parallel compression and decompression algorithm allows high-speed parallel compression and high speed parallel decompression operation. The IMC also preferably uses a special memory allocation and directory technique for reduction of table size and low latency operation. The integrated data compression and decompression capabilities of the IMC remove system bottle-necks and increase performance. This allows lower cost systems due to smaller data storage, reduced bandwidth requirements, reduced power and noise.
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