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Liver subsection method based on CT image and system thereof

The invention discloses a liver division method based on a CT image, which comprises the following steps: firstly, an MSCTP artery sequence image and a hepatic portal vein sequence image of the abdomen are pretreated, and the outline of the liver is automatically divided to obtain the liver image; secondly, a multi-scale filtering method based on a Hessian matrix is used for strengthening blood vessels, a dividing method such as region enlargement, and the like is used for dividing the hepatic portal vein, and a three-dimensional topology thinning method is used for picking up the central line of the hepatic portal vein; the blood vessels are identified mutually in classification; distance change and Voronoi arithmetic are then used for calculation, and the outline of the liver is used for covering values to obtain division results; the three-dimensional liver division results are finally reconstructed. The system comprises a liver division module, a blood vessel strengthening dividing and a thinning module, a blood vessel classifying module, a liver dividing module and a three-dimensional reconstructing module. The invention can reduce noise as well as avoid the vagueness of the boundary of the liver, effectively and exactly divides the outline of the liver, improves the division quality of the hepatic portal vein tree, and realizes accurate and rapid division of the liver.
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