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Method and Apparatus for Detecting Leaks in a Building Water System

ActiveUS20170030528A1Accurately measureMeasurement of fluid loss/gain rateElectric/electromagnetic visible signallingTraffic capacityOperating energy
A system and method for detecting multiple incidents in a set of flow meter units attached to a set of water consuming units. A plurality of uniquely identified flow meter units are operatively connected to a central control unit. The control unit is programmable to send alerts based on leaking incident status of particular flow meter units so that a responder may receive the alert and timely address the alert. The central control receives and stores data from the multiple flow meter units, including volumetric flow, time, and status and location of each alert. A method of detecting leaking in a building having multiple separate units, each unit having a unit water supply, includes placing a specially configured controller having a flow meter and automatic shut-off valve in each unit of the building. Leak sensors are positioned in water-leak risk areas wherein the controller communicates with both the flow meter and the sensors. A communication is established in between the controller and the sensors. One or more individuals are identified to receive an alert when leakage (or over-pressure conditions) occurs. Water flow is measured with the controller in multiple of the units and using one or more of the sensors. The measurements detect changes when compared to earlier established baseline parameters. An alert is sent to one or more of the individuals (e.g. owner(s), maintenance staff, management) when an abnormal water flow valve is measured.
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