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System and method for neighborhood affinity based online environments

A system, method, and computer program product are provided that implement integrated on-line solution for related users (business or otherwise) of a NAF neighborhood the ability to interact with each other and automate and keep track of such interactions. In one embodiment, users/members of a NAF EC can enter requests/offers (wanted/looking for, sell/buy and other type of requests). Other users of that NAF EC can view and respond to any of such postings. In one embodiment, members of neighboring NAF ECs of an EC ecosystem, with mutual agreement between EC operators, will be able to view postings of other ECs. Neighborhood businesses can advertise to system users and/or subscribe and receive member postings for wanted, help, goods, and services. Local businesses can also distribute eCoupons to members of a NAF EC or to members across multiple NAF ECs to save cost and target and reward customers more effectively; and users will be able to search and print such eCoupons or send them on-line to businesses to claim those eCoupons. In one embodiment, residents of a property centric NAF EC or mini EC within another NAF EC can send maintenance requests to owners/manager of a property; and property owners can post property related maintenance or other projects/requests to one or more ECs of an EC ecosystem to get offers/bids for that work/project.
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