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Channel equalization system and method

InactiveUS20030016770A1Increase high performance and data rate capacityLow costMultiple-port networksChannel dividing arrangementsData transmissionTTEthernet
A system and method for delivering increases speed, security, and intelligence to wireline and wireless systems. The present invention includes a new generation Fast Circuit Switch (packet / circuit) Communication processors and platform which enables a new Internet Exchange Networking Processor Architecture at the edge and core of every communication system, for next generation Web Operating System or Environment (WOE) to operate on with emphasis of a non-local processor or networking processor with remote web computing capabilities. A Unified Network Communication & Processor System or UniNet is a New generation network architecture of packet / circuit communication processors or Internet networking processor, that increases speeds over any communication channels and topologies, synchronizing, enabling, improving, controlling and securing all of the data transmission of web applications over existing wireline and wireless infrastructure while providing seamless integration to the legacy telecom & data corn backbone. The present invention is capable of operating on any topology with distributed intelligence and data switching / routing, which is located at the edge. This method not only alleviates the ever increasing data processing bottleneck which is currently done by the data communication and telecom switch and routers, but it also enables new and next generation Internet Processor architecture. The UniNet is also a flexible solution for the novel concept that the capability of a network interface should depend on the level of service assigned to a service access point, not the capacity of the total network, such as transaction services with a short burst of messages with short access delay. The present invention increases channel capacity by using a parallel or multi-channel structure in such wireless and wireline at the edge or the core of. This new architecture of the present invention uses parallel bitstreams in a flexible way and distributed switching / routing technique, is not only to avoid the potential bottlenet of centralized switches, but also to increase speed with intelligence that is seamlessly integrating into the Fiber Optic Backbone such as WDM and SONET of the MAN / WAN network with a Real-time guarantees, different types of traffic (such as Stringent synchronous, isochronous, and asynchronous data messages) with different demands, and privacy & security of multi access and integrated services environment.
Owner:B C LEOW

Speaker recognition

InactiveUS20170092278A1Increased efficiency , effectiveness , and user satisfactionFaster and efficient method and interfaceSpeech recognitionAcoustic propertyNatural language
A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium stores one or more programs including instructions, which when executed by an electronic device, cause the electronic device to receive natural-language speech input from one of a plurality of users, the natural-language speech input having a set of acoustic properties; and determine whether the natural-language speech input corresponds to both a user-customizable lexical trigger and a set of acoustic properties associated with the user; where in accordance with a determination that the natural language speech input corresponds to both a user-customizable lexical trigger and a set of acoustic properties associated with the user, invoke a virtual assistant; and in accordance with a determination that either the natural language speech input fails to correspond to a user-customizable lexical trigger or the natural-language speech input fails to have a set of acoustic properties associated with the user, forego invocation of a virtual assistant.

Managing power consumption based on utilization statistics

The present invention, in various embodiments, provides techniques for managing system power. In one embodiment, system compute loads and / or system resources invoked by services running on the system consume power. To better manage power consumption, the spare capacity of a system resource is periodically measured, and if this spare capacity is outside a predefined range, then the resource operation is adjusted, e.g., the CPU speed is increased or decreased, so that the spare capacity is within the range. Further, the spare capacity is kept as close to zero as practical, and this spare capacity is determined based on the statistical distribution of a number of utilization values of the resources, which is also taken periodically. The spare capacity is also calculated based on considerations of the probability that the system resources are saturated. In one embodiment, to maintain the services required by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), a correlation between an SLA parameter and a resource utilization is determined. In addition to other factors and the correlation of the parameters, the spare capacity of the resource utilization is adjusted based on the spare capacity of the SLA parameter. Various embodiments include optimizing system performance before calculating system spare capacity, saving power for system groups or clusters, saving power for special conditions such as brown-out, high temperature, etc.

Wireless devices with flexible monitors and keyboards

A portable device (e.g., a wireless device such as a cell phone) is provided with a flexible keyboard and a flexible display screen. Such flexible components may be stored in the housing of the portable device when not in use. The flexible display screen and flexible keyboard may be expanded from the housing when the flexible components are utilized by a user. Non-flexible display and input components may be provided on the exterior of the portable device such that the device may be used, in some form, while the flexible components are stored. In one embodiment, a portion of the flexible display (or flexible keyboard) may be utilized when the flexible display (or flexible keyboard) is stored in said first housing.
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