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Headset-Based Telecommunications Platform

A hands-free wireless wearable GPS enabled video camera and audio-video communications headset, mobile phone and personal media player, capable of real-time two-way and multi-feed wireless voice, data and audio-video streaming, telecommunications, and teleconferencing, coordinated applications, and shared functionality between one or more wirelessly networked headsets or other paired or networked wired or wireless devices and optimized device and data management over multiple wired and wireless network connections. The headset can operate in concert with one or more wired or wireless devices as a paired accessory, as an autonomous hands-free wide area, metro or local area and personal area wireless audio-video communications and multimedia device and / or as a wearable docking station, hot spot and wireless router supporting direct connect multi-device ad-hoc virtual private networking (VPN). The headset has built-in intelligence to choose amongst available network protocols while supporting a variety of onboard, and remote operational controls including a retractable monocular viewfinder display for real time hands-free viewing of captured or received video feed and a duplex data-streaming platform supporting multi-channel communications and optimized data management within the device, within a managed or autonomous federation of devices or other peer-to-peer network configuration.

Energy harvesting computer device in association with a communication device configured with apparatus for boosting signal reception

ActiveUS20130157729A1Improve consumer electronics hybrid consumer electronics performanceLow densityMaterial nanotechnologyEnergy efficient ICTCellular telephoneCommunication device
Disclosed embodiments comprise an energy harvesting computer device in association with a communication device comprising interactive user interface operatively configured with CMOS multiple antennas on chip for boosting signal receptions and for providing faster data transmission speed. Disclosed embodiment encompasses three modes of communications—the Cell phone, wireless Internet applications, and Global communication and media information. Embodiments provide communication apparatus operable to enhance mobile communication efficiency with touch sensitive display comprising energy harvesting platform in communication with a charging circuit board configured with memories, processors, sensors, and modules. Embodiments further provide a gaming device, a wireless media device configured with touch pads comprising sensors being embedded in silicon substrate and fused in nano-fiber/microfiber material having excellent electrical characteristics. Certain embodiments provide communication apparatus configured for voice enabled applications comprising human voice auditory operable to convert text into voice auditory and/or voice auditory into text applications.

Variable gain active noise cancelling system with improved residual noise sensing

An active noise cancellation system includes a series of features for more effective cancellation, greater reliability, and improved stability. A particular feature adapted for headset systems includes locating a residual microphone radially offset from the center of a sound generator to detect a signal more similar to that incident upon the eardrum of the user. In addition, an open back headset design includes perforations on the side of the headset instead of the back, so that the perforations are less susceptible to inadvertent blockage. The system also includes a mechanism for detecting changes in the acoustic characteristics of the environment that may be caused, for example, by pressure exerted upon the earpieces, and that may destabilize the cancellation system. The system automatically responds to such changes, for example, by reducing the gain or the frequency response of the system to preserve stability. The system further includes other methods for detecting imminent instability and compensating, such as detecting the onset of signals within enhancement frequencies characteristic of the onset of instability, and adjusting the gain or frequency response of the system or suppressing the enhanced signals. The system further includes a mechanism for conserving battery life by turning the system off when sound levels are low, or adjusting the power supply to the system to correspond to the current power requirements of the system.

Method and apparatus for antenna tuning

A method for tuning a transmitter in order to improve impedance matching to an antenna or to intermediate radio frequency stages uses an error detector that senses a deviation of the amplitude or phase angle of a load current of a power amplifier driver or of a power amplifier. A controller calculates a correction and dynamically adjusts tunable transmitter parameters, which may include values of components in matching networks or bias voltages in the power amplifier or the power amplifier driver, so as to reduce the deviation and thereby improve the impedance matching. The load current of the power amplifier may alternatively be sensed by measuring the duty cycle of its switching mode power supply. A transmitter having a power amplifier and one or more tunable circuit elements incorporates an error detector that senses the amplitude or phase of a load current and a controller that adjusts one or more tunable parameters to reduce impedance mismatch. An integrated circuit device suitable for use in a transmitter includes a power amplifier driver circuit and a detector circuit capable of sensing a load current, and a controller circuit that can adjust tunable parameters either within or external to the integrated circuit. By eliminating directional couplers and integrating the detectors and power amplifier drivers, the size, complexity, and cost of wireless transceivers can be reduced, while efficiency and power consumption are improved through the dynamic adjustment of operating points and impedance matching.
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