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Dynamic quality adjustment based on changing streaming constraints

A method and apparatus for dynamic quality adjustment based on changing streaming constraints is provided. According to one aspect of the present invention, a video stream is sent to a client according to a set of streaming constraints. At least a subset of the video information in the video stream is sent from a first source. Next, a signal is received indicating a relaxation of streaming constraints corresponding to the video stream. In one embodiment, the signal is a freeze frame signal. In another embodiment, the signal is a slow motion signal. In response to the signal, a set of improved quality video information from a second source is accessed and sent to the client. According to one embodiment, the set of improved quality video information comprises a still image. According to another embodiment, the set of improved quality video information comprises a set of preprocessed video information ready to be streamed. As a result of the techniques described herein, an improved quality visual image is available for presentation on the client and, consequently, when a viewer requests a presentation rate that reduces the streaming constraints on a video streaming service, the improved quality video information may be sent using the freed-up portion of the bandwidth previously allocated to the client.

Multifunctional telemetry alert safety system (MTASS)

InactiveUS20100081411A1More attentionFalse alarm conditionTelephonic communicationConnection managementTime informationEngineering
A personnel accountability and situational awareness monitoring communications system for emergency personnel that comprises wireless network-adaptable monitoring devices, peripherals and base station console software for telemetry monitoring of real-time information at a plurality of personnel accountability and situational awareness parameters of critical data about the safety, health and whereabouts of first responders deployed in typically hazardous environments. Exterior incident command, including fire, rescue, safety and other emergency agencies achieve real-time command view and control over a variety of personnel accountability and safety parameters during emergency response activities of personnel wearing the system of the present invention portable device while operating within the wireless network of an emergency incident scene. Configured to be carried by emergency services personnel while deployed on scene, the portable device is a multi-functional sensing and communicating integration of accountability and situational awareness technologies consolidated into one portable, telemetry device. The portable device's multifunctional integrated technology includes the monitoring, telemetry and alert notification of accountability identification, location, assignment notification, vital signs, ambient vicinity temperature, SCBA status, combustible gas sensing, video streaming, “evacuation” recall signaling, signal tracking and multi-alarm signaling if the wearer has either low remaining air pressure/time, impending thermal breakthrough, low battery power, exceeds the safety threshold for safe heart rate or external body temperature readings, or becomes motionless for a predetermined time period.

VR (Virtual Reality) panoramic video layout method and device and VR panoramic video presentation method and system capable of saving bandwidth

The invention provides a VR (Virtual Reality) panoramic video layout method, device and system. The method comprises the following steps: projecting a VR panoramic spherical video onto a pyramid surface which takes a sphere as an inscribed sphere; expanding the pyramid surface into a planar graph to obtain a video plane of pyramid projection; and turning the video plane to a regular shape through deformation to obtain a regular video plane. The VR panoramic video layout system comprises a VR panoramic video layout processing device, a VR panoramic video streaming media server and a VR panoramic video player, wherein the VR panoramic video player is used for playing video data from the VR panoramic video streaming media server according to a viewing angle of a user. Through adoption of the VR panoramic video layout method, device and system provided by the invention, a pyramid-based projection way is provided. In the pyramid-based projection way, the surface area of a projected video is reduced by 80 percent compared with an equirectangular projection way; the bandwidth of VR panoramic video transmission is reduced by 80 percent compared with an existing VR video technology; and a panoramic video can be played according to the viewing angle of the user.
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