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Method of and system for finding and serving consumer product related information over the internet using manufacturer identification numbers

A method of and system for finding and serving consumer product-related information on the Internet comprising a database serving subsystem which stores: a plurality of manufacturer identification numbers (MINs) assigned to a plurality of manufacturers of consumer products; a plurality of home-page specifying URLs symbolically linked to the plurality of MINs; a plurality of universal product numbers (UPN) assigned to a plurality of consumer products made by the plurality of manufacturers; and a plurality of product-information specifying URLs symbolically linked to the plurality of UPNs. During operation, a client subsystem transmits to the database serving subsystem, a request for information which includes the UPN assigned to the consumer product on which product-related information is being sought. The database serving subsystem automatically compares the UPN against the stored plurality of MINs, and automatically returns to the client subsystem, one or more of URLs symbolically linked to the UPN, if URLs have been symbolically linked to the UPN within the database serving subsystem. However, if no URLs have been symbolically linked to the UPN, then the database serving subsystem automatically returns the home-page specifying URL symbolically linked to the MIN contained within the UPN in the request. By virtue of this novel MIN-based search mechanism embodied within the database serving subsystem, client subsystems are automatically provided with the home-page of the manufacturer's World Wide Web (WWW) site in situations where product-information specifying URLs have not yet been symbolically linked with the UPN on any one of the manufacturer's products.

Intelligent wireless mobile device for use with casino gaming table systems

A technique is disclosed for facilitating play of a casino table game at a casino gaming table system which includes a casino gaming table and at least one handheld device. At least a portion of operations or activities relating to the casino game may be performed at a first handheld device. Examples of such operations may include electronically dealing a first card to a first player via the first handheld device, displaying a representation of the first card to the first player via a display at the first handheld device, etc. In at least one embodiment, an association between a selected handheld device and the first player station may be created and used for subsequent game play activities to enable the selected handheld device to be operable to display game play data relating to game play activities associated with the first player station. In some embodiments, at least a portion of the features of a selected handheld device may be enabled/disabled based on the detection of one or more conditions or events. According to specific embodiments, the handheld device may be adapted to provide various functionality for facilitating game play at a casino gaming table. Examples of such functionality may include, for example, allowing a player to select cards for discard/holding; allowing a player to perform wagering activities; retrieving and/or displaying player tracking data; retrieving and/or displaying player account data; displaying game play assistance information; displaying casino layout information; displaying promotional information; etc.
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