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Loyalty programs are structured marketing strategies designed by merchants to encourage customers to continue to shop at or use the services of businesses associated with each program. These programs exist covering most types of commerce, each one having varying features and rewards-schemes.

System and method for displaying and selling goods and services

The ShopLive system supports existing merchants and malls to better serve customers by providing easy access to merchandise and sales assistance. The shopper accesses the ShopLive system through various portals. They can be a PC, Web TV, mall kiosk, store kiosk, mobile terminal, screen telephone or any other communication device capable of connecting to a communications network. When the shopper starts the shopping mission they can logon in or if already enrolled, they can use a password for a quick entry. They may chose to shop anonymously. A shopper can set up a shopping mission by defining class of goods, price, color and the like and set out to search for that either in their physical location or remotely. Once the items are located video cameras scan the merchandise to the shopper through the terminal. The cameras may be remotely operable to swing through different views to better display the goods. Or they can view items according to pre-determined scan patterns. Sound and other sensory stimulus such as tactile sensors may be used to enhance the shopping experience. The shopper may also ask for help from an assistant (SLA) that acts just like a sales person in a retail setting. This person can help select goods and can discuss the items selected. The SLA can also check product availability and help complete the purchase as in a normal sales transaction. Or, the shopper can use the ShopLive system to check out themselves. As the shopper moves through the shopping mission, they can add items to their electronic shopping cart and have a one-stop check out or they can check out with each merchant. The shopper is also entered into the available loyalty programs and presented with coupons and rebates. At the end of the shopping mission the shopper can either physically pick up the selections are arrange shipping. The ShopLive system supports multiple selling activities including auctions. It is also a rich data-base for merchants and allows targeted advertising. A live browser accesses the shopper to present sales and incentives to the customer. The ShopLive system connects the Shopper and the merchant to make the shopping experience more effective for both.

Tracking merchant specific reward credits and balances in a multi merchant environment utilizing one card or account number

A loyalty program system and method includes of membership card that is distributed to customers. The membership card is associated with multiple merchants whose accounts are centrally managed but segregated from one another. In this manner a customer only needs to carry a single card while participating in promotions that are controlled and managed by separate merchants. A merchant can reward customers based on the nature of the transactions with the merchants, for example based on value, frequency and so forth. In addition, it is possible to add merchants to the loyalty program even if they already have their own pre-existing customer membership base that carries pre-existing membership cards. In that case, the automated loyalty program is configured to recognize and honor the pre-existing cards by establishing in the system account files for the added merchants, and configuring the system to recognize and honor identification information provided in the pre-existing membership cards. It is also possible to use the system to track multi-balance gift certificates. It is also possible to use the system in a business-to-business barter system, in which multiple merchants are associated with one card provided to a first merchant. The first merchant can redeem the card any of one or more other merchants with which an exchange has been made, either directly or by way of a barter broker.

Method, system and computer program for providing a loyalty engine enabling dynamic administration of loyalty programs

InactiveUS20060111978A1Encouraging customer loyaltyImprove efficiencyMarketingPaymentLoyalty program
A method, computer system, and computer program product for encouraging customer loyalty is provided. The method includes the steps of: (1) one or more partners defining a loyalty program, the loyalty program defining loyalty rewards, cross-promotional partner rewards and prizes associated with one or more activities; (2) registering one or more members with the loyalty program, whereby their registration includes the provision of registered form of payment data for one or more registered form of payment types of each of the one or more participants; (3) collecting financial data corresponding to transactions of the one or more members associated with the one or more partners, and providing said financial data to a loyalty engine; (4) providing access to the loyalty engine to the one or more members, the loyalty engine permitting the one or more partners: (a) to define the rules defining the loyalty program, including special partner rewards including cross-promotional rewards between partners, loyalty rewards, and chances to win prizes; (b) to monitor the effectiveness of the loyalty program; and (c) to modify the loyalty program to enhance its effectiveness. The computer system includes the loyalty engine of the invention. The computer program product consists of a server application that includes the loyalty engine of the invention. Partners access a number of software utilities linked to the loyalty engine to assess the effectiveness of the loyalty programs and customize the attributes of the loyalty programs to improve effectiveness. Members access the loyalty engine real time and use loyalty reward actions for prize opportunities.
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