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A serial number is a unique identifier assigned incrementally or sequentially to an item, to uniquely identify it. Serial numbers need not be strictly numerical. They may contain letters and other typographical symbols, or may consist entirely of a character string.

Image enabled reject repair for check processing capture

A method and apparatus for processing a plurality of financial documents, comprising, a document processor, wherein, for each financial document, the document processor captures data encoded on the financial document and an image of the financial document during a prime pass, and assigns a prime pass sequence number to each financial document. The apparatus includes a computer database in which the prime pass data and image is stored in association with the prime pass sequence number for the financial document. The document processor is adapted to determine whether the financial document should be rejected because the data and document image needs to be repaired or the data only needs to be repaired. If the data and image needs to be repaired, the document processor, or a desktop scanner / reader, recaptures the data and image, assigns a recapture sequence number to the financial document, and the recaptured data and image is stored in the computer database in association with the recapture sequence number. An image repair application is adapted to permit an operator to locate a prime pass image that matches the recaptured image, and to repair the document image by visually comparing the recaptured image with the prime pass image. The repaired document image is then stored in the computer database in association with the corresponding prime pass sequence number.

Method for transmitting voice or data in a wireless network depending on billing account status

A method for paging network personal communications system voice and data services comprising transmitting a control channel origination data packet including data specifying an identification number, data specifying a user serial number, a voice airtime register data packet, and a sequence of dialed digits for activating a switch to activate a remote feature access control procedure. The control channel origination data packet is then transmitted through control channels or digital access channels of a paging network. The control channel origination data packet is received and stored cellular base station. The control channel origination data packet is relayed to a mobile switching center and then a selected service may be activated if debit information requirements of a user are met by loading and comparing parameter table values for the identification number and the serial number or the user at the mobile switching center. A personal communications apparatus is also disclosed having a housing and circuitry for transmitting a control channel origination data packet. A speaker is mounted in housing and includes a display screen for displaying data messages and a keypad for entering a landline telephone number or mobile number. A plurality of selection keys allow for selecting a data message for transmission from the apparatus.

System for protection of goods against counterfeiting

In order to verify the authenticity of manufactured goods, a smart tag is attached to the goods containing encrypted authentication information, such as a serial number, a description of the good's physical appearance or chemical decomposition, its color, or digital images of the good etc. The encryption procedure comprises public / private key encryption with zero-knowledge protocols. Zero knowledge protocols allow a smart tag to be authenticatable and yet be duplication resistant by allowing the verifying agent to convince him / herself that the smart tag is authentic without revealing its authentication information. The verification procedure can be done using a reader at a point of sale (POS) machine equipped with the appropriate public key and zero-knowledge protocols to decrypt the authentication information. A printed version of the serial number or other authentication information may be placed on the goods in human readable form to quickly verify the information electronically read from the smart tag. With the present invention, only the manufacturer can create such smart tags with the associated data thus making it virtually impossible to pass off a counterfeit good as authentic. In addition to authenticating counterfeit goods, the present invention can be used to detect authentic goods being sold in a parallel market.
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